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Production Companies
1st Miracle Group, Inc.
Focuses on the development of full length features in genres including comedy, action, and drama.

2 Step Production
21st Century Pictures Group, Inc.
24fps Productions

3-Dimensionville Films
Producing shorts in anaglyphic and polarised 3D.

3rd Millennium Entertainment
A & A Produzioni - International Film Service
A & A Produzioni srl
A 2000
A. Ebhart GmbH - Film- und Medienproduktion
A.M. Production - An independent film company.
Aardman Animations
Aardvark Films - Makes low budget independent films for festivals and theatrical release.
Abimes Concept
Acadia Pictures, Inc. - Specializing in documentary, corporate and educational programming.
Acclaim - An independent production company who offer a cost-effective total solution, working in partnership with you, and adding their technical expertise.
Ace Creative
Ackerley Group, The
Acme Filmworks
Across the Tracks Productions - Producing works that explore the African American experience.
Act Now Productions - Media production company with a committment to environmental activism. Started by ex-Sierra Club President, Adam Werbach.
Action Budgeting Consulting
Adtech Animation
Adverb Productions
African Motion Picture Company - Film, television, and video producers specialize in advertising and corporate launches.
Aftermath Media
AFX Singapore
Agamemnon Films - Film, television, and digital production company established in 1981 by Fraser Heston and Charlton Heston.
AKS Entertainment, Inc. - Entertainment management, productions and promotions company providing a full sound studio and film production services.
Alan Entwistle Films
Albarb Entertainment - Providing on-the-edge short films, screenplay, and production services.
Alchemy Films & Multimedia
Alcatraz Art House Films
Ali'N Production - Provides services for foreign films, produces documentaries and feature films, and creates television programs. Allan King Associates
Alta Films - Producer and distributor of independent films and books by Kenny Kemp.
Amazon Communications Ltd. / CiTTi Inc.
Ambient Films - Online distributor of independent films. Also in Polish.
American Biograph Films
American Champion Entertainment
American Film Co., The
American Mutoscope & Biograph Co., Inc. - The oldest film company in Hollywood.
American Television News
American Training Resources, Inc.
American Zoetrope - Offering post-production and production support services.
Anabasis - Specializing in historical and military-themed motion pictures. Accepting finished screenplays of all genres.
Angelsea Productions
Angenue Films
Annica Entertainment, Inc.
Anvil Productions, Inc.
Any Place Is an Entry Point
Apache Productions Ltd
Apak Entertainment
Archfilm - Services include pushing a script, coordinating imagery, editing, and sound studio sessions.
Archange Productions
Archimage Studio
Arco Films - Developing and producing Bruno de Almeida's films.
ARG Cartoon Studio
Arrowhead Video Productions
Artatak Films - An independent company producing innovative and challenging films on art for international broadcast.
Artima Pictures
Artistic License, Inc.
Artisan Entertainment
Artistic License, Inc. - Producer and distributor of independent films and videos.
ASAP Teleproductions
Ashen Films
Ashley Productions - Independent film production and equipment rental.
Asia-Pacific Productions
ASMIK Corporation
Atlab Australia
Atlanta Video Inc
Atlantis Films Limited
Austin Video Bureau
Auvar Filmworks
Avid Eye Productions
AVS Productions
AWAFI S.A. - Argentinian film, commercials, and cartoon production company. Also offers location scouting services.
Axis Films
Ayres Group
Azalea Film Corporation
B Movie Crews
B.C. Entertainment Group, Inc. - Provides pre and post production services and distribution to independent film producers.
B. Hammil Company, The
Bad Kitty Films - NorCal independent film production company dedicated to the advancement of innovative, and enterprising film professionals through hard work, networking, and lots of good karma.
Bandeira Entertainment
Bandit Films Limited
Bangor Films - Production company run by Todd Verow and screenplay writer James Dwyer. Check out info on past, present and work-in-progress films.
Beach Associates
Beijing-San Francisco Film Group - Fifth generation Chinese filmmakers located in the United States.
Below Zero Productions
BENECÉ Produccions
Benzfilm Group - Production company for Straightman. Includes synopsis, credits, biographies, and behind the scenes.
Better Duck Studios - Low budget film production group.
Big Picture Productions Limited, The
Bigel/Mailer Films - Produces and develops independent films for theatrical release.
BIGpicture Communications - Promoting the profession of strategic information management.
Billy Jack Enterprises
Bite The Pillow Productions - Two brothers that write, direct, and produce short films.
Bitters End Inc.
Black Phoenix Films - Dedicated to making films about Australian downhill mountain biking.
Black Mariah Productions
Black Walk Productions
Blue Desert Productions
Blue Rider Pictures - Producer and distributor of feature films.
Blue Rock Productions
Blue Sky Video Productions
Bluebottle Films - Independent British film company.
Blurgirl Productions - Creators of film and video in a group effort with artists, poets, and musicians.
Bodega Bay Productions - Develops and produces feature films, television programs, and large-format (IMAX) films.
Bombino Group Of Companies - Offers feature film production, distribution, and more.
Bond Street Studios
Border TV (UK)
Bottom Line Television
Boyana Film Company - Feature film studio and lab.
Brillig Productions - Unique motion picture projects: creativity before commerce.
Brimstone Productions Films - Motion picture company specializing in horror and science fiction films for the home video market. Founded by Kevin J. Lindenmuth.
British Film
Broad Ripple Films - Producers of feature films, documentaries, and videos.
Broadcast Monitoring Co.
Broadcast News Networks
Broadway Video, Inc.
Bronx With Coconut Trees Prod.
Bronx with Coconut Trees Productions
BRT Studio
BSA Braccia Sottratte all'Agricoltura
Budgets by Design
Bullfrog Films
Bumper Productions
Burning Pixel Production
BUS Producciones
Butler/films - independent documentary film production.
Buttco Productions
Calarco Video Productions
Cali Z Productions
California Newsreel
Cambo Productions
Cambridge Documentary Films

Camino Media 
Contact: Michael Moffett 
Address: Costanilla de los Angeles, 7 - 3 izq.,  Madrid 28013, Spain 
Tel: (34) 915 488 337; Fax: (34) 915 488 337; Email: 
A trans-Atlantic team with vision for storytelling - from commercial to corporate; factual to entertainment. We produce turnkey media projects and service international clientele with proven local crew, equipment, locations, and talent across Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and Miami. Send us your idea, storyboard or shot sheet. We’ll make it a reality for any size screen.

CanodeFilm Ltd.
Capitol Entertainment and Home Video
Careful Eye Video Production
Carmac Productions Ltd
Castle Rock Entertainment
Castleway Entertainment
CDI Virtual Films
Cecchi Gori Group
Central State Productions
CF Video, Inc.
Chain Lightning Pictures
Chaos and Desire Production
Chaos Films
Chiodo Bros. Productions
Cigua Films
CineFocus Canada
CineFocus Canada
Cinematic Mindworks
CIV Production Studios
Codikow Films
Combridge International Film Production & Distribution Company
Compass Rose Media
Computer Film Company, The
Concentric Media
CONTRA Service Productions
Corona Productions
Coyote Pass Productions
Craftwork Communications
CrashCam CineProductions
Creative Planet (
Curious Pictures
Custom Video Production Inc.
Cutaway Films
Cutting Room Floor
Cynical Pinnacle Productions
D-Squared Productions
Dark & Light Research
Dark Diva In Effect, Inc.
Darkstar Film and Video Productions
Davenport Films
DCM Inc.
DearFilm - Film, Internet film production/distribution company.
Deer Creek Productions
Del Padre Visual Productions
Demeo Films
Devine Entertainment Corporation
Dianne Carter's Film Fun
Digidada Media
Digital Masters
Dimensional Studios
Disciple Films
Dixon-Cain Productions (DCP)
DMR/Pioneer Teleproductions
Downstream Pictures
Dragonslayer P/L
Dream Machine Entertainment
Dreamchaser Productions
Dreams to Reality Studios
Dreamscape Films
Dreamteam Productions
DreamWorks SKG - Spielberg, Katzenberg, and Geffen's film, television, software, and record company.
Drop Dead Films

DS Productions
Full service film production company which provides producing, directing, stunt coordination, 2nd unit direction, martial arts ad fight coreography services.

DTS - Digital Sound
Duck Soup Produckions
Durrin Productions
Dynamic Design and Imaging
EagleVision Television Production
Earth Films
Easterland Productions
Eastside Film Company
Echo Bridge Productions
Echo Films
Eggplant, Ltd
Electro Entertainment
Elixir Productions Ltd
Emerald Productions
End of the World Press and Productions
Energee Productions
Engel Productions
Engineering Animation, Inc. Homepage
Euro-Pacific Productions
EvenMore Entertainment
Exposed Nerve Productions
F.I.L.M. Archives Inc.
F3 Films
Farcical Films
Farming with Pictures, Ltd
Farquhar Felicity Magic Productions
Feeling Sexy (
Feiland Media - German TV & Video Production company located in Turkey (Istanbul).
Ferreri Video e Comunicazione
Film Camp
Film Kitchen
Filmax Corporation
Filmteknikk Norge AS
Final Touch Video (
Financial Times Television
Fine Line Features
Fireworks Production
First Floor Film Factory
Foil Productions
Forte Films
Fortified Films
Foster Gracie
Fox Movies
Free-Style Productions, Inc.
Freedom Productions
Frog Productions
FryWorld Entertainment LTD.
Fuji Creative Corp.
Fuji International Productions (UK)
Fulcrum TV
Full Moon Pictures
Gabriel G Mostert International Film Productions
Gaininground productions, inc
Garfield Kennedy Production Company, The
Garman Audio/Video
Genesis Media Group Ltd. - TV, Video and New Media producers.
GIG Graphic Image Group Inc.
Glass Guns
Glazen Creative Group
Glencross Films
Glencross Films
Globus Brothers Studios
GMP Pictures
Go To Team
Gold Coast Productions
Golden Dome Productions
Gopher Productions
Goppofilms Ltd.
Gospel Communications International, Inc. - Evangelizing the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through film.
Gothic Productions
Grade-A Video Productions
Grupo Tétrica Producciones
GTS Productions
Gumboot Productions
Guthy Renker
Haley Productions
Hampshire Public Television
Harmony Pictures
Heavenly Eyes Productions
Hennessey Entertainment, Ltd.
High Dough Productions
Hilltop Productions
Hollywood Media Productions
Holy Toledo Pictures, Inc
HomeTown Television
Horizon Media
Hot Coffee Motion Pictures
Hot Spots
Hot Spots
Hotwire Video Productions
How To Start Your Own Cable TV Network
Hydro Active
Iconoclastic Entertainment
IEBA Productions Inc.
Iguana Films
Illusions TV Production and Post Production Studios Ltd.
Imaculix TV/Video Production - We make everything possible. Just call us
Imagex Ltd.
Imagica Corp.
ImagineAsia, Inc.
Imaging Technologies
IMAGIO Productions
Impact Lighting and Production
In the Park Productions
Independent Edge Films
Independent Pictures
Indifference Productions
Indigo Film Production Services France
Indigo Moon Pictures, Inc.
Indonesian Film Service
Inferno Film Productions
Infofilm Film & Videoproductions
Innovision Media Group
Instinct Entertainment
Inter Video
Intermedia Communications
Ipse Dixit Films
Ipse Dixit Films
J. Dyer Animation
Jam Session Productions
JaRa Productions
Jay Allison Productions
Jeff Cook Teleproductions (JCTV)
Jeffrey Frederick Gold
Jess Turner Productions
Jones & Goodman
JPL Productions
JSL Co., Ltd.
Jupiter Entertainment
K. I. Film Production
Ken A. Klein's Film Production
Kenna McHugh
Kinetikon Pictures
Kingman Films International
Kinopravda Films
Kitchen Table Pictures
KTRV Production
Kuranya Pictures
Lake Walloon Productions
Lake Walloon Productions
Lamb & Company
Lampkin Design Group
Landfall Productions, Inc.
Laria, Maria (
Laughing Angel Productions
Lavender Lounge Productions
Legacy FilmWorks Ltd.
Legacy Productions
Len Hart Photographics & Design
Leone & Simmons Music & Television Productions
Les productions Vic Pelletier
Lighting & Production Equipment, Inc.
Lilás Filmes
Limbo Film Web Site
Limelight Video
LionEyes Entertainment
Liquid Pictures
LiteStar Films (
Living Room Theatre Productions - LRTP produces feature films, shorts, original music, music videos, and documentaries. The company also offers a wide range of services, from directing, editing, and camera work, to screenwriting and acting.
Living Spirit Pictures, Ltd.
LMNO Productions
Local Sightings, Inc.
Log In Enterprises
Lonely Man Productions
LOW-FI Video
Lynch Films, Inc.
Lynch Films, Inc.
MacGillivray Freeman Films - Specializing in the development, production, and distribution of large-screen experiential motion pictures.
MacLean Media
Mad Media (New York, USA)
Magellan Film Co.
Mainline Productions
Maldoror Productions
MaloFilm Distribution
Mano A Mano Films
Marble Island Pictures Corporation
Marina Beach Productions, Inc.
Mark Forman Productions
Marriott Video Productions
Maurits Binger Film Institute (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Maverick Films
Maverick Productions
Maverick Productions (
Maximus Studios
MBZ Productions
McGinnis Video Productions
Media By Design
Media House Films
Media Ventures: Adventure Video Productions
Media Vision Productions
Media Vista Productions
Meier Entertainment Group
MetroLight Studios, Inc
Michael Wiese Productions
Miller Freeman Entertainment Technology Group
Mindshaft Pictures
Mindshaft Pictures
MJs Production
Moher Films
Mojo L.A.
Mojo L.A.
Molino de Imagenes
Moondog Film Company Inc.
Moonlit Productions
Moriah Films
Mosaic Films Ltd. - Specialists in DV, Drama and Documentary Production.
Motion City Films
Motion Media Productions
Mourakami, Kiyo (
MovieTown Productions
MTV Produktion
Multimedia Plus, Inc.
N.C.H. International Incorporated
Natterjack Animation Company
Natural Art Films
Navigator Film
Neal Marshad Productions
Nemean Filmworks
NetOne Inc.
New City Communications, Inc.
New Edge Media Group
New Generation Productions
New Media Entertainment
New Millennium Productions
New Phoenix Filmworks
New Ray Films
Nightmare Productions
Nikkatsu Corp.
No Respect Films
North American Releasing
Northlunde Pictures
Notabel Pictures
NTV-PROFIT Film Company
NTV-PROFIT Film Company
Null Set Productions
NVO7S Productions
Oil Factory
Olho Vivo
Omega Films
On Beat Productions
On Location Multimedia
Open Channel
Open Channel Co-operative Limited (Australia)
Orange Cola - Web Design
Orca-Vision Entertainment Co.
Otherfilms, inc.
OTIS Productions
Otitis Media Productions
Outlaw Video Productions
P-Pohl Productions
Pacific Data Images
Palm Pictures
Palmer, Greg (
PantheonArts Virtual Studio
ParkChulSoo Films
Pate Brothers Film Projects
Patriot Entertainment LLC
PaYbak Productions
PBM Productions, Inc.
Pearl Productions International Inc
Pearson Television
Peeling Eyeball Productions
Pentafour Software
Perception Productions
Perfectly Round Productions
Persuader Films - Development production and facilities.
PGC Productions
Picacho Peak Productions
PineLake Communications Inc.
Pirromount Pictures
Pirromount Pictures
Pixar Animation Studios
Pixel-8 Productions
Polar Bear Productions
Post Perfect
Postman Productions
Primitive Features
Producing Partners Productions
Production Access Network
Production City
Progressive Image Group
Project BAIT (Black Awareness In Television)
Prrfect Animation
Pure Grain Digital Productions
Puritano Media Group, Inc.
Queso Productions
Quickdraw Animation Society (QAS)
R-wA Productions
Rainforest Productions, Inc.
Raster Ranch
Ray-Belthoff, Inc.
Razorvision Films
RDF Productions
Red Braille Productions
Red Chili Solstice
Red Hook Films
Reel Automation
Reel Creative Pictures
Reel Women (
Refracted Angle Films
Refugee Production Company
Registered Films
Rhythm & Hues Studios
Rice Productions, Inc.
Richardson Productions
Rings of Saturn Productions
Rio Bravo Pictures
Robin Hood Films
Roger Scruggs Films
Rollframe Productions Limited

ROM International, Inc.
ROM International brings your multimedia concepts to completion. Whether your concept is a movie, a documentary, a music video, a CD, a video kiosk, or a live presentation, ROM will deliver the results you want. If you can conceive it, we can complete it.

Rosecolored TV
Rounds Entertainment
RSVP - Rick Schneider Video Productions inc.
RSVP Film Studios
RT Productions
Rubicon pictures

Ryno Productions
Television and video production company offering production services and facilities. We make corporate and broadcast shorts and doccies, and  field produce for international television clients.

Sacred Earth Film Productions
SALMAC Productions - Virtual Studios
Samsa Film
Sand Pictures Productions

Santa Monica Productions
Santa Monica Productions Spain is a full service production facility for film, photo and video shoots. Our speciality is car shoots. With over 10,000 images in our on-line location library, contact us and within minutes you will be viewing stunning Spanish landscapes, unusual monuments, and cosmopolitan centers.

Satterfield, Caruana & Co.Films
Savage Picture Company
Scene by Scene
Scheibelhut, Joe (
Scott Goldstein Productions
Scott Lakey Productions
Screen Finance Home Page
Sea Studios
Second Coming Productions
Second Wind Entertainment
Seftel Productions
Sensus Film Productions (Iceland)
Shadowland Moving Picture Co. Ltd
Shadowplay Productions, Inc.
Shane Barrell Films
Shochiku Co.
ShockFusion - There's no place like home
Shockwave Productions
Shooting in Atlanta
Shoval Film Production
SimonPure Productions
Skyline Video Productions
Smoke & Mirrors Productions Ltd.
Somethin' Kinda Different Productions
Sony Pictures Classics
Sony Pictures Imageworks
SP Telefilm Productions
Spare Time Films
Spec Script Library
Splash Films
Spoon Fed Films
Spot Productions, Inc.
Spyral Productions
Stainless Steel Productions
Starstyle Productions
Stay Tuned Audiovisual Production
SteppinStone Entertainment
Steve Postal Productions
Stormproof Films
StoryTeller Entertainment
Stray Dog Film
Street Movies AB
Studio M Productions Unlimited
Studio Teachers
Sublette Filmz
Sullivan Entertainment
Sulyma Productions Inc.
Surender Kapoor
Sweater Productions
Sweater Productions
Sweet Revenge Productions
Synapse Motion Pictures
Take 3 Film Productions
Taos Land & Film Company
Telling Pictures
Terran Entertainment Group
Thats A Moray Underwater Video Productions
The End
Third World Newsreel
Tigervision Video and Multimedia
Tikal Productions
Timeline Productions
TL Video Prodcuction
Toast Productions
Toei Group
Toho Entertainment
Tohoku Shinsha Film Company
Tomboy Films Ltd (
Tomorrow Pictures, Inc. - We are an award-winning, full-service media production company with international resources. We develop television, film, multimedia and internet projects for the entertainment industry, business, education and government.
Toronto Pictures Inc.
Travis Davis Productions
Tripod Entertainment
TSJ Productions
TVN-The Video Network - ENG/EFP Shooting, Multicamera Flypacks, Portable Digital Editing.
Twilight Media
Two Geeks Productions
Two Independent
Two-Head Film & Video
Udigrudi Feature Film Productions
Underdog Productions (South Africa)
Underdog's South African Indy Film
Unknown Artists
Upfront Productions
Urban Dynamics (Australia)
Urban Pictures
Valeo Films Inc.
Valiant Point Sdn Bhd
Vertical Pool Productions
VFR Films
VFR Films
Victoria Telecommunity Network
VidBoston Film and Video Production
Video Communication Services
Video Free America
Video Kraftwerks
Video Lucky
Video Mexico
View Askew Productions

Virgin Earth, Inc.
Virgin earth, inc. is the oldest and most experienced foreign production company in Japan. In 2002 we have done Bon Jovi Nationwide Live for MTV, location managed for Getty Images and worked on a History Channel documentary to name a few recent projects. We are currently working with Academy-winner, Terry Sanders, to bring the feature, Tokyo Rose to screen. We offer services in film and video, from coordinators to crews to post production.

Vision Engineering
Wacky Pictures
Walker Film and Video Production
Walt Disney
Walt Disney Pictures
Warner Bros. Animation
Warner Bros. Movie World (Gold Coast, QLD Australia)
Wes Craven Films - Official site of the film director and writer.
Westward Films
Wild Rose Films - Feature film production company. Site includes descriptions of current and future projects.
William Blair Movie World
Women's Educational Media
Woofenill Works, Inc., The
World Wide Pictures - Film ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Producer of dramatic films for the family.
Worldwide Women's Network
Xenon Pictures - Film and interactive production company.
Yaletown Entertainment
YashRaj Films
Your Half Pictures - Produces features, commercials, and documentaries.
Your Movie Here
Youth Cable Television
Zentropa Entertainment - Film company under the collaboration of director Lars Von Trier and producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen.
Zhao Wei Films - Singapore's independent film director, Eric Khoo goes online with this web site. Check out the latest information about his works and have fun.
Zimmedia - Producers of fiction and documentaries.
Zokalo Entertainment - Specializing in producing character driven films with a strong appeal to the international market.
Zone 5 Pictures - Low budget film production company specializing in creating killer shots and special effects.
Zygote Productions Inc..

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