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Professional Rules For The Fashion Show
1. Appearance, grooming and dress should express a professional attitude.

2. Carry your tote-bag and cosmetic case with the necessary items you will need. Make additions as experience teaches.

3. Arrive backstage at least 30 minutes before the show. Go alone and do not have your family or friends meet you or come backstage afte the show.

4. Look for the line-up of garments to be shown. Be sure you know the person and garment you are to follow in each change.

5. See that your garments are in the correct order. Organize your accessories.

6. If it is necessary to remove hang-tags, do not destroy them. Pin them inside the garment with a safety pin or put them in a pocket of the garment.

7. Open zippers and buttons so that you will be an exert at quick changes.

8. Have a receptive attitude toward any garment modeled to set the right mood.

9. Be considerate of others. Remain as quiet as possible backstage. Do not gossip or discuss the show or circumstances that arise during the show. Discuss the experiences of the show afterward.

10. Listen to the commentator, but do not look at her. Maintain eye contact with your audience.

11. Return all garments to hangers and hang them properly. Place all accessories in their original boxes, etc. Replace all hang-tags.

12. Pick up all personal belongings and leave as quickly as possible.

13. Record names of people you would like to remember in your book.

14. Never give out your personal phone number.

15. If the job involved pay, you are responsible for reporting your completion of the assignment to your agency.

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