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Abbreviations: CAST - Actor/s - Actress/es; EXEC PROD - Executive Producer; CO-EXEC PROD - Co-Executive Producer; SUPR PROD - Supervising Producer; PROD - Producer; CO-PROD - Co-Producer; AP - Associate Producer; DIR - Director; SCR/WRTR - Screen Writer; CSTG - Casting Director; EX-CSTG - Extras Casting Director. All Casting Notices Printed in MY Entertainment WORLD Are Free.  MY Entertainment WORLD reserves the right to refuse to print any casting notice. Please send all new listing, additions, deletions and changes to: CASTING NOTICES. Or by mail to: MY Entertainment WORLD, Attn: C/N, P.O.Box 523, Melbourne, FL 32902-0523. USA.
MAY 2015
(Richmond, VA) - To apply, Fill out the online submission form at: Title: UNTITLED MUSEUM FILM. PROD, Brent Feito; DIR, Joe Cortina; CSTG, Erica Arvold. Contract: Storyteller pay is $700/day; Isabella Furguson, Col. Furguson, Billy Flora & Peter Harris pays $400/day; Farmhand, John Howland & George Hewes pays $250/day; Samuel Furguson pays $200/day. Shoot Dates: Early May, 2015 (in Richmond, VA). STORY: This film will play an important role in allowing visitors to discover the complete story of the Revolution: Britain and the American colonies before the Revolution, events leading up to the war, battles and people of the American Revolution and building a new nation post war. Breakdown-- Storyteller: 30-49, male, Caucasian. The consummate showman, enthralling the audience through his captivating delivery and knack for the theatrical, charisma that draws the audience into his stories, needed for two days. Supporting; Isabella Furguson: 20-26, female, Caucasian. Fair complexion, gifted at reading and writing, not afraid to stand up for her beliefs, even if it means losing her husband, must have authentic Irish accent, needed for one day. Supporting; Col. James Furguson: 30-39, male, Caucasian. A commanding appearance, he leads nearly 150 loyalist troops, but is no match for his sister-in-law Isabella, needed for one day. Supporting; Billy Flora: 20-23, male, African-American. Free born, apprentice to a carter and wagon master and later opened up his own business, his brave actions at the Battle of Great Bridge make him a celebrated hero, needed for one day. Supporting; Peter Harris: 20-29, male, Native American. An orphan when his parents die of smallpox, adopted and raised by a white settler, enlists as a soldier in the South Carolina Continental, wounded in battle, needed for one day. Supporting; Farm Hand: 18-29, male, Caucasian. Practical and intelligent, this confident youth realizes that achieving liberty and equality will take hard work, needed for one day. Supporting; John Howland: 20-29, male, Caucasian. Gaunt from the deprivations faced while a soldier, loyally serves with George Washington, needed for one day. Supporting; George Hewes: 22-29, male, Caucasian. Short in stature and of lower class economically, struggles throughout life to make a living, needed for one day. Supporting; Samuel Furguson: 20-26, male, Caucasian. Black sheep of the family and not highly gifted in mental endeavors, the smartest thing he ever did was marry a strong, intelligent woman, needed for one day. Supporting. (Posted: March 9, 2015)

(Joshua Tree, CA) - Casting based on video auditions. Email photographs, resumes & reels ASAP to: Selected actors will be contacted for additional line reads. Title: A VALLEY OF DITCHES, a Feature Film. CSTG, Chris L. Contract: Non-Union ($125/day. If you are not local to Joshua Tree, there will be beds available to stay overnight. A small per diem will also be provided). Shoot Dates: May 1-20, 2015 (10 days total in Joshua Tree, CA). STORY: The film is about a young woman bound in the front seat of a parked car watches helpless as her captor methodically digs a grave in the desert ground. The bloody lifeless body of her boyfriend lies framed in the rearview mirror, a fate she will fight at all costs to avoid for herself. But this is only the beginning of a brutal struggle where survival could be worse than death. Breakdown-- Sean: 29-45, male, any ethnicity. A born serial killer, who has convinced himself that his violence is a gift from God; he now singles out those breaking Godís commandments and forces them to confess to their sins before serving an excruciating and deadly penance; very calm, methodical in his methods, and very confident that what he is doing is for a higher power; in reality he is just delusional, and has convinced himself that he can be justified in murdering others. Lead; Michael: 19-30, male, any ethnicity. Boyfriend of the protagonist, Emilia; rescues her from an abusive father, and is driving her towards his own family in California when they are taken by Sean; Michael is rough, but handsome; he is confident, protective, and would do anything for Emilia; he is already dead when the film begins and will spend much of it as a body, but his biggest scenes will come in flashbacks that occur throughout the film. Note that this role will require some sensuality; implied nudity (actor will wear underwear) required for implied sex scene. Director states: "Think heavy PG-13 to mild R". Lead. (Posted: April 13, 2015)

(Seattle, WA - AUDITIONS: May 2, 2015 By Appointment) - Email contact info, photographs, resumes & link to demo reel, if available ASAP to: Title: INSUFFICIENT, a Short Film. PROD, Timothy Boyle, Hel Gebreamlak; DIR, Hel Gebreamlak; CSTG, Billie Rain. Contract: Some pay under the SAG short film agreement. Shoot Dates: August, 2015 (in Seattle, WA). STORY: The film about two maladjusted people and their relationship with each other and faith unravels over a series of vignettes. **A note about content: Although this film is not explicitly about LGBTQ issues, sexism or racism, these topics are an integral part of the story. We are committed to having a supportive and mutually respectful environment where we value open communication and building trust. Breakdown-- Ricky: 25-35, female, African-American. Outwardly apathetic butch/tomboy/masculine female person with an undefined gender identity, concerned with self-image and a need to have control in a world where that is seldom possible. Lead; Lynn: 25-35, female, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander. Filipina, pacific islander, faith-driven and deeply religious, Rickyís girlfriend, finds herself on the receiving end of Rickyís controlling behavior, struggles to find her autonomy. *This character has a scene depicting sexual violence (with no nudity). In a separate scene, this character reveals a bare back. Supporting; Clayton: 30-39, male, Caucasian. Charismatic and entitled, capable of putting people at ease while simultaneously disrespecting them, a charmer until his charm ceases to get him what he wants, then, all bets are off, Laurenís boyfriend. *This character has a scene depicting sexual violence (with no nudity). Supporting; Lauren: 20-39, female, Caucasian. A nurturer at heart, Lauren straddles the line between gentle enabler and morally questionable accomplice, an expert at putting on a happy face but she canít always keep up the facade, Claytonís girlfriend. Supporting; Teenage Boy #1: 18-20, male, African-American. Expressive and passionate. speaking role. Background / Extra; Teenage Boy #2: 18-20, male, African-American. Calm and thoughtful. speaking role. Background / Extra. (Posted: April 13, 2015)

(South Carolina) - Send resumes & photographs ASAP to: Donna Morong Casting, 1103 N. El Centro, Los Angeles, CA 90038, Tel: 323-461-6396. Title: SOPHIE & THE RISING SUN, a Feature Film. DIR, Maggie Greenwald; CSTG, Donna Morong. Contract: SAG-AFTRA Low Budget Contract. Shoot Dates: Begins May 4, 2015 (in South Carolina). STORY: While World War II rages on overseas, a lonely Sophie Willis spends her days painting and trapping crabs. But when her friend hires a new Japanese gardener, Sophie and Grover Oto begin a secret relationship. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Grover Oto is painted as a target by the small and regressive town. As word of their relationship travels through the neighborhood, Sophie and Oto must decide if their love is worth risking their lives. Breakdown-- Grover Oto: 50-59, male, Asian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Virile and handsome, Japanese-American, an impeccable gentleman and skilled gardener, Grover Oto arrives in town one day, badly beaten and bruised. As Anne Morrison nurses him back to health, Grover begins to tend to Anne's garden, proving his skill with plants and flowers. Many townsfolk look down on the arrangement, but Anne is convinced of his character thanks to Grover's immaculate speech and manners. Oto begins to fall for Sophie just as the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor - now a target, Oto does everything he can to avoid the angry townspeople. Lead. (Posted: April 13, 2015)

(Albuquerque, NM) - For consideration, Email your availability between May 4-August 22, 2015 to: with the subject line "AFRICAN." Include your first & last name, a contact number, height, weight, city you live in and two recent photos (taken within the past three months). One photo should be a close-up of your face and one should be a full-body shot. Audition or photo appointments might also be scheduled for those who are interested in coming by the office. If you would like to set up an appointment, Call: 505-227-2415. For more information, See: or Title: IDR, a Sci-Fi Feature Film. CSTG, Tina Kerr. Contract: Some pay. Generally minimum wage or slightly higher, plus overtime after eight hours. Work days are generally 12 hours long (sometimes less, sometimes more). Meals provided. Shoot Dates: May 4-August 22, 2015 (in Albuquerque, NM). Extras could work anywhere from one to fifteen days during this time period. Breakdown-- Extras: 7+, males & females, African-American. Adults and children, variety of types to play African villagers, African soldiers, African American pilots, African American space station residents, etc., no professional acting experience required. Background / Extra. (Posted: April 13, 2015)

(Atlanta, GA) - Email resumes & photographs (Include three pictures [head and body], age, height, weight and all contact info), ASAP to: CSTG, Rose Locke - Catrett-Locke Casting (aka CL Casting), Title: BILLY LYNN'S LONG HALFTIME WALK, a Feature Film. CAST, Joe Alwyn. Contract: $120/8hours. Shoot Dates: May 5-8, 11-15, 18 & June 2-4, 2015 (in Atlanta, GA). STORY: An infantryman recounts the final hours before he and his fellow soldiers return to Iraq. Breakdown-- Executive: 21-60, male, any ethnicity. Seeking an executive type that has a tough exterior, those from Texas and have the Texas look are encouraged to apply, need to be put together and sharp looking. Background / Extra. (Posted: March 31, 2015)

(Atlanta, GA) - Email resumes & photographs (Include three pictures, height, weight, age and phone number), ASAP to: CSTG, Rose Locke - Catrett-Locke Casting (aka CL Casting), Title: DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANT, PART 1, a Feature Film. CAST, Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Naomi Watts; DIR, Robert Schwentke; SCR, Noah Oppenheim. Contract: Some pay. Shoot Dates: May 18-22, 2015 (in Atlanta, GA). STORY: Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton venture into the world outside of the fence and are taken into protective custody by a mysterious agency known as the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. Breakdown-- Farmers: 18-59, male, any ethnicity. Tan males with beards and/or shaggy hair, should have enough muscles to realistically portray a farm-hand, must be willing to film outdoors. Background / Extra. (Posted: April 13, 2015)

(Northern California or West Virginia) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: CSTG, Charity Johnson, For more information, See: Title: BREAK, a Horror Thriller Feature Film. Rehearsal Dates: Begins May, 2015 (in Los Angeles, CA). Shoot Dates: September, 2015 (three weeks in Northern California or West Virginia). STORY: A group of friends goes hiking in Breaks Interstate Park. When they reach their campsite, one by one the friends start disappearing. When night falls, it's every person for themselves. The ones who are left alive must find a way to survive the night. Breakdown-- PeeWee: 21-23, male, Caucasian. 5'5"-5'8"; must be able to do a West Virginia or Virginia accent; down to earth and lovable; a skinny, happy stoner; everyone likes him; it could be that he's a really awesome guy, or possibly it's the marijuana he always has in his possession; note: must know how to swim. Supporting; Aunt Betty: 45-55, female, Caucasian. 5'5"-5'-7"; must be able to do a West Virginia or Virginia accent; a chubby, nosy, derogatory woman; will say anything, even lie to her son; loves men, all men, and it would be nice if they loved her back; character actress; think Maxine Fortenberry from "True Blood". Day Player. (Posted: March 9, 2015)

(East Lansing, MI) - Email photographs, resumes & a one minute clip of yourself talking about your interest in acting ASAP to: Thomas Reilly-King, Title: SHIVERS IN THE ATTIC, a Feature Film. PROD/DIR, Thomas Reilly-King. Contract: Pays $400 to leads; $100 to body doubles. Meals provided. Shoot Dates: Begins May, 2015 (ten days shoot in East Lansing, MI). STORY: The film is about four twenty-somethings who get trapped in an attic during a party and come to the realization that they have died and are ghosts. They discover a trap door to an air duct and in a bedroom below they find a creepy "Voodoo guy" and their bodies on a couch. The story is a sort of modern day "Twilight Zone" with many suspenseful elements and dark humor. Breakdown-- Voodoo Vance: 25-35, male, African-American, African Descent. Main villain in the story; has dreadlocks, is pure evil, and wears scary "Voodoo" makeup; has a charming, happier alter ego named "Jammin' Ray" whom he appears as when the characters are alive and in reality; should be able to perform an Island accent. Supporting; Cooper: 21-30, male, Caucasian. Friend of Billy's; resident of the co-op and hosted the party that got them into this mess; a hippie in every sense of the word. Supporting; Sarah: 21-30, female, Caucasian. Girlfriend to Jeff; attractive and adventurous; always trying new things and often getting into trouble. Supporting; Jeff: 21-30, male, Caucasian. Athletic type; boyfriend to Sarah; has a bit of a temper and an apparent fear of creepy Voodoo guys. Supporting. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CASTED; Billy: 21-30, male, Caucasian. Baseball player and friend to Cooper; all-American and a good-looking guy who gets frustrated with Cooper and the fact that he has died and is a ghost; hooks up with another guy's girlfriend. Lead. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CASTED. (Posted: December 8, 2014)

(Miami, FL) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: Marinella Hume Casting, / (Include three pictures, parents' name, baby's name, baby's length, age, contact number and location). Website: Title: ARMS AND THE DUDES, a Feature Film. CAST, Jonah Hill, Miles Teller; DIR, Todd Phillips. Contract: $300. Shoot Dates: May, 2015 (in Miami, FL). STORY: The true story of two men who were contracted by the Pentagon to arm America's allies in Afghanistan. Breakdown-- Baby Ella: 1, female, Caucasian. Looking for Caucasian babies with blonde or light brown hair to play Ella at various ages: one month, six months, and 18 months old. Background / Extra. (Posted: April 13, 2015)

(New York, NY) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: Title: FINDING TAMU, a Short Film. Shoot Dates: May, 2015 (in New York, NY). STORY: The story is inspired by true events about the trials and tribulations in a young woman's life. She battles with who she is as an adult and what people will think of her, but most of all what she thinks of herself. Breakdown-- Young Harmony: 7-14, female, Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Native American, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. A young woman recently adopted by all-around "perfect" parents; she has been through a lot in her short life and has reached her breaking point. Lead; Three Girl Bullies: 7-14, female, any ethnicity. Bullies to Harmony. Supporting. (Posted: April 13, 2015)

(Atlanta, GA) - Email resumes & photographs (Include three pictures, height, weight, age and phone number), ASAP to: CSTG, Rose Locke - Catrett-Locke Casting (aka CL Casting), Title: DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANT, PART 1, a Feature Film. CAST, Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Naomi Watts; DIR, Robert Schwentke; SCR, Noah Oppenheim. Contract: Some pay. Shoot Dates: May-July, 2015 (in Atlanta, GA). STORY: Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton venture into the world outside of the fence and are taken into protective custody by a mysterious agency known as the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. Breakdown-- Caucasian Male Stand-In: 30-50, male, Caucasian. Brown hair, 5'8"-5'9", waist: 31/32. Casting Dir. Notes: "Those selected for the film will go through a tactical training boot camp". Background / Extra. (Posted: March 31, 2015)

(New York, NY & Washington, DC) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: CSTG, John Pallotta, Attn: "Tucht Angel." Also casting for several male and female under age five roles. For more information, See: / / / Title: TUCHT, a Psychological Thriller Feature Film inspired by a true inspirational story. SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement ($100/day deferred). SAG-AFTRA actors preferred, but Non-SAG may submit; Taft-Hartley agreement. Shoot Dates: May-July, 2015 (in New York, NY & Washington, DC). Breakdown-- Child Halleh: 6-15, male, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Chubby or heavyset (to play the film's lead-male character as a pre-teen in flashbacks); requires good emotional-range: ability to show authentic fear, crying, anger towards an abusive father in flashback-scenes; should be light-skinned Hispanic/Latino (with ethnic Puerto Rican, Dominican, or Cuban ''look''); ability to speak basic Spanish (with authentic accent). Supporting; Children: 8-15, males & females, any ethnicity. Background / Extra. (Posted: March 31, 2015)

JUNE 2015
(San Francisco & San Jose, CA) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: CSTG, Barry Germansky, Title: A JOURNEY TO A JOURNEY, a Feature Film. PROD, Tim Sika, Barry Germansky. Contract: Producers plan to apply for a SAG-AFTRA Contract ($100/day). Shoot Dates: June 6-27, 2015 (in San Jose, CA). STORY: The film is about a brilliant student who discovers a shocking secret about his university. Breakdown-- Edward Forsythe: 40-70, male, Caucasian. A good-natured, jolly professor who serves as the main character's mentor. Supporting. (Posted: February 16, 2015)

(Los Angeles, CA) - Send/Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: Brad Gilmore Casting LLC., 646 N. Beachwood Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90004. Email: Title: ENCOUNTER, a Feature Film. PROD, Matthew Tang and Shan Tam; DIR, Xue Xiaolu; CSTG, Brad Gilmore. Shoot Dates: Early Summer, 2015 (in Los Angeles, CA). STORY: A man and a woman, both living far from home in foreign lands, find warmth, companionship, trust and kindness in one another's letters. Two people who could pass by one another on the street without knowing each other are beginning to understand the importance of their relationship through their letters to each other. One in America, one in Asia, they decide to meet in Macau to determine the fate of their boundless love story. Breakdown-- Wesley: 27-40, male, any ethnicity. Architect who knows a little Mandarin; assists Daniel in his real estate plans; comes across as distinguished and well-read. Supporting; Charlie/Hao Hao: 13-20, male, Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Entitled, rebellious kid who is apathetic about potential new homes, preferring to interact with his phone; uses his English to express his true feelings to Daniel, knowing that his mother, Mrs. Wang, doesnít understand; Chinese; must be bilingual; English and Beijing-Mandarin Chinese with Beijing accent only. Supporting; Olivia: 20-29, female, Caucasian. Cultured and opinionated; sees Daniel with a limited edition copy of a book she is passionate about; Daniel uses this opportunity to try and pick her up, but she doesnít fall for it. Supporting; Cindy: 30-39, female, Caucasian. Has a mansion that Daniel is trying to sell and knows when she has leverage in a situation. Supporting; Sara: 24-35, female, any ethnicity. Wesley's girlfriend; finds a potential girlfriend for Daniel, but he informs her otherwise of his dating habits. Day Player; Alice: 20-35, female, Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Realtor who tries to caution Daniel about selling his grandma and grandpa's house; Chinese; must be bilingual; English and Mandarin Chinese, not a Beijing accent. Day Player; DMV Official: 44-59, male, Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Grandpa's driving test proctor, and the test doesnít end too well; proud of the sway he holds over his subjects and makes them constantly aware of his influence; must have comedic timing; ideally Southeast Asian. Day Player; Chapel Priest: 44-60, male, Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Chapel priest in Las Vegas; presides over the vow renewal of grandma and grandpa; Chinese; bilingual; speaks English and Mandarin Chinese; Beijing accent only. Supporting; Eldest Daughter: 40-65, female, Asian. Seen in a flashback; grandma and grandpa's eldest daughter; very professional looking and mature; tries to convince grandma to delay a trip back to China so that she can travel with them; must be bilingual; English and Mandarin Chinese; Beijing accent. Supporting; Ding Ding: 20-29, male, Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. One of grandparent's actual grandchildren who works for NASA; American born and speaks Mandarin, though perhaps not so well; calls them to greet them from long distance, via satellite connection, interrupting their movie; Chinese; speaks English and Mandarin Chinese. Day Player; Handyman: 30-56, male, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Works on grandparent's property to repair the air conditioning; bilingual; speaks Spanish and English. Day Player; Doctor/Paramedic: 20-35, male, any ethnicity. Tends to grandpa when he gets into a minor car accident. Day Player; Front Desk Clerk: 20-39, male, any ethnicity. Checks Daniel out of a four-star hotel, and returns an item left in the hotel room by grandma and grandpa. Day Player; Client: 40-56, male, Asian. One of Daniel's wealthy real estate clients who is taken to a strip club; Chinese; must be bilingual; speaks English and Mandarin Chinese. Day Player. (Posted: March 16, 2015)

() - Email photographs, resumes & any video links you would like us to review ASAP to: For more information, See: Title: THE FIGHT WITHIN, a Feature Film. Contract: TBD. Shoot Dates: Summer, 2015. STORY: This is a faith-based film that follows a young mixed martial arts fighter, his love relationship and the choices he must make to overcome his brutal past, survive his current situation, and create a new identity for his future. Breakdown-- Logan Chandler: 18-24, male, Caucasian. A young mixed martial arts fighter who helps his brother run a MMA training facility while attending college; as a child, he was abused and driven by his now deceased father (a championship fighter); fights the ongoing struggle to deal with his identity, his relationships, and an ever-present antagonist. Lead; Hayden Price: 20-26, male, any ethnicity. A hotheaded MMA championship fighter who uses his martial arts abilities to take advantage of weaker fighters and bully anyone who crosses his path; obsessed with the need to prove himself against Logan at all costs. Supporting; Mason Chandler: 30-35, male, Caucasian. The gym owner, MMA instructor and older brother of Logan; has raised and provided for Logan since the death of their father. Supporting; Emma Johnson: 18-24, female, Caucasian. Attractive, outgoing, finishing college with plans to work in the mission fields of Africa, spunky, always willing to share her thoughts and her faith; she becomes romantically involved with Logan (a mixed martial arts fighter) and does her best to help him understand the calling that God has placed on her life and possibly his. Lead. (Posted: March 16, 2015)

(Mid Michigan) - Email photographs, resumes & links to video clips ASAP to: (Include a cover letter detailing your availability for the months of June, July & August, 2015. Title: JACKSON'S ISLAND, a Feature Film. CSTG, Ted Lawton. Shoot Dates: Summer & Fall, 2015 (in Mid Michigan). STORY: The film is about Tom, Huck & Joe as they leave their hometown of Hannibal to hide out from their parents and their tormentors on remote Jackson's Island. Over time, they confront their differences, face new challenges, battle nature and sometimes each other. The movie is largely a three-character piece (with occasional flashbacks), with all the roles getting more or less equal screen time. Breakdown-- Tom Sawyer: 18-22, male, Caucasian. To portray about 15 or 16; not a child but still en route to manhood; young enough that heís still up for playing pirates, but old enough that he is starting to have mature feelings toward his on-again/off-again girlfriend Becky Thatcher; clever, but not quite as smart as he thinks he is; his primary motivation is a sense of adventure; craves adventure and delights in being the center of attention; a born leader, even though he sometimes finds himself getting in over his head; fancies himself as being tough and reckless, yet heís also frequently the mediator and peacemaker between Joe and Huck; adept at making excuses. Lead; Huck Finn: 18-24, male, Caucasian. To portray about 17; a kid who has grown up without supervision or structure and without protection from the ways of the world; worldly and tough; having lived a hand-to-mouth existence, he's looking for security; while many of the boys in town daydream about being like him and living independently, Huck has endured physical and psychological threats, including near-starvation, poverty, homelessness, and abuse; puts up a tough, self-reliant front, however, relying on his resourcefulness to get him through life; has a deep distrust of most people, particularly the ones he sees as "citified," like Joe Harper, Becky Thatcher, and their friends. Lead; Joe Harper: 18-24, male, Caucasian. To portray about 15 to 16 and rather more sophisticated and polished than Tom; gentle and insecure; born to a wealthy family, he dreams of breaking rules and doing "manly" things; handsome and book-smart, the son of a well-to-do merchant; Tomís most devoted friend, although he is somewhat reluctant to hang around Huckleberry Finn; his mother has warned him that Huck is "white trash"; while he finds much of what Huck does and says to be disagreeable, he does have a fascination with Huckís self-confidence and swagger; obsessed with all things "manly" and is determined to prove his "manliness" by learning to hunt, fish, smoke a pipe, and drink liquor, all the traits that signify masculinity to him. Lead. If selected, casting will send you an overview of the script and some selected slides for a video audition. Note: The film is to be shot almost entirely outdoors. Each role involves physicality, swimming, climbing, running, fighting, pipe smoking & other skills. Bring photographs & resumes, stapled together. (Posted: March 16, 2015)

(New York, NY & Boston, MA) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: (Stating "GDQ [name of character/s you are applying for]" in the Subject line). For more information, See: Title: GORDON'S QUEST, a Feature Film. Contract: Producers plan to apply for a SAG-AFTRA New Media agreement. Shoot Dates: June-September 2015 (with a possibility of date changes in New York, NY & Boston, MA). STORY: The film is about a rich celebrity playboy who finds himself on the run from an occult secret entity, which leads him on an epic adventure in another realm. Breakdown-- Riviairra: 22-30, male, Caucasian (Brown Hair, Blue Eyes). A rich, wild, confident celebrity playboy, has been distant from his family since his mother's death, despises his father, hotheaded, stubborn and unruly. Media feeds from him, but he's famous because of scandalous affairs. Lead; Ramz Rozara: 35-40, male, Caucasian. Blonde/Brown Shoulder Length Hair, Green Eyes, Tall. A comedic character with a British accent, very animated, over dramatic, a party crasher, hates Riviairra (the lead character). He's a people person who loves doing magic tricks, an A-list actor who speaks old English like Shakespeare and has great style. Supporting; Ivory (Dollface): 20-25, female, Caucasian, Red hair, Green Eyes, freckles are a plus, tall preferred. A prestigious elite super model that is very smart, yet hides behind a ditzy façade. In love with Riviairra (lead character). Ivory is very jealous person who doesnít adapt well to change. Supporting; Yuri Skyscraper: 18-24, male, Caucasian. Blond Hair, Brown/Green Eyes. Young stepbrother of Riviairra (lead character). Has a similar personality trait as his mother Chezzalene Montogomery. Embarrassed of Riviairra and believes he is more responsible and better than him. The public adores him and often puts him on a pedestal comparing the two brothers. Supporting; Chezzalene Montgomery: 50-70, female, Caucasian, Blonde Hair/White, Green Eyes/Brown Eyes. Stepmother of Riviairra (lead character). A strong independent woman who takes charge. Dangerously seductive, and smart. Extremely manipulative; one of the antagonist of the film. Supporting; Detective Connelly: 50-70, female, African-American. Woman in charge of The IVU Investigative Units. Number one leading detective across the country. Very strong and independent. Supporting; Doctor Kazume: 50-70, male, Japanese. Number one leading doctor in America who is the family doctor of The Skyscraper Empire family. Tends to worry a lot. Doctor Kazume can be very demanding when he needs to be. He is one to never give up. Supporting. (Posted: February 16, 2015)

(New Jersey/New York, NY) - Email photographs & resumes and/or bio ASAP to: (Stating "Drastic Dreams" in the Subject line). Title: DRASTIC DREAMS, a Low Budget Indie Film. CSTG, Zennie Perry. Contract: Paid role. Casting director states: "Compensation to be discussed at time of offer". Rehearsal Dates: In the summer, 2015. Shoot Dates: Late Summer-Early Fall, 2015 (in the New Jersey/New York, NY area). STORY: The film is about a young man who aspires to become a music manager and faces immeasurable odds while attempting to start his new company. Breakdown-- Female: 25-35, female, African-American. To play opposite of male lead; the character works in journalism. Lead. (Posted: March 9, 2015)

(Decatur & Huntsville, AL) - Email me at FOR A COPY OF THE SCRIPT. Then, choose a scene from the script and act it out on video. Upload that video to YouTube as an unlisted video and email the link to: with the subject line "Artists Submission". Title: ARTISTS, a Short Film. DIR, Dan Fite. Shoot Dates: Summer, 2015 (in Decatur, AL). STORY: The film is about a homeless man with a surprising talent that comes across a trashed notebook full of wonderful poetry. Breakdown-- Homeless Man: 18+, males & females, any ethnicity. A homeless man with a passion for drawing. Lead; Cole Wright: 18+, male, any ethnicity. A waiter with his head stuck in the clouds of poetry who is discouraged by his boss at work to the point of seemingly abandoning his passion. Lead; Faith Smith: 18+, female, any ethnicity. A renowned author who discovers the lost notebook on the streets, and seeks the artists responsible for the brilliant work in its pages. Lead. (Posted: December 22, 2014)

JULY 2015
(Otsego County & Essex County, NY) - For more information, See: Title: THE FALLEN KINGDOM, a Feature Films. CAST, Rupert Boneham, EJ Snyder. PROD, Lori Bailey, Joel Plue; DIR, Lori Bailey. Contract: $50/day, plus meals provided on set. Shoot Dates: August-October, 2015 (in Otsego County & Essex County, NY). STORY: With the death of the good King Hew, the power of the throne will shift to his eldest and most evil son (Gylmyne). In the years that follow, Gylmyne will squander his father's fortune, torture his servants and banish his own brothers from the Kingdom. He will start several wars while attempting to annihilate all of the mystical creatures of the land. One of King Gylmyne's brothers (Valter) will rise up, return to battle Gylmyne and bring with him the unified force of the Dragons of the forest, the cave dwelling Orcs and the Loch Ness Monster. Once exalted. Breakdown-- Multiple Roles: 18+, males & females, Caucasian. Supporting. (Posted: January 7, 2015)


(Atlanta, GA) - To schedule an audition appointment, Email photographs, resumes & reel ASAP to: Title: PRODIGAL, a Feature Film. Shoot Dates: Early Fall, 2015 (in Atlanta, GA). STORY: The film tells the story of Robert Parraway. After a few wrong choices, Robert decides to go into a world that he is not used to. Sharp dialogue and dangerous twists and turns bring the audience into the last days of Robert's escapade in a dangerous world of which he has no knowledge. Breakdown-- Robert Parraway: 20-23, male, African-American. Muscular, dramatic, cocky, and smart; he must be able to hold a scene alone and show emotion very well. Lead; Allen Parraway Jr.: 40-50, male, Caucasian. Handsome, cocky, very smart mouth, flirty with women; family-oriented; he shows signs of jealousy of his newly adopted brother but he is the protector. Supporting; Rev. Williams: 40-50, male, any ethnicity. In shape; able to pull an audience in with his voice; he is passionate about redemption; this role will grow in part two. Supporting; Ralph: 25-40, male, African-American. Israel's stepdad; lazy, large; soft voice but, when angered, he can be mean. Supporting; Auntie: 35-40, female, any ethnicity. At one time used to work the streets, but her strength led her to running a crew of female killers; she controls her girls with passion and swift discipline. Supporting. (Posted: April 13, 2015)

(Lenexa, KS) - Email photographs & resumes or reel ASAP to: CSTG, Lauren Stasi, For more information, See: Title: PARTY BUS, a Short Film. Contract: Pay negotiable. Shoot Dates: Begins Fall, 2015 (in Lenexa, KS). STORY: When a group of alpha males join up with a bachelorette party, debauchery ensues. Breakdown-- Actors: 18-30, males & females, any ethnicity. Eight female roles & Three male roles. Chorus / Ensemble. (Posted: February 9, 2015)

(Houston, TX) - To submit, See: Only accepting video auditions through hosts like YouTube and Vimeo. You are free to audition for more than one role via the "Auditioning Scripts" on the auditions website. Submit a link to your audition video with your headshot, first name, last name, height, weight and age by October 31, 2015 to: Allow at least one week for a reply due to the high volume of submissions. Title: ADAM & EVE, a Feature Film. PROD, Jeremy Akatsa. Contract: Pay varies based on role. Shoot Dates: Tentatively February-March, 2016 (15-22 days shoots with post-production planned for July 2016 [one-three days] in Houston, TX). STORY: The film is about God gives Adam and Eve time machines that can grant eternal life. Breakdown-- Adam: 18-30, male, Caucasian. In love with writing. Lead. Pays: $11,800 with travel, meals, and lodging; Eve: 18-25, female, Caucasian. In love with painting. Lead. Pays: $12,400 with travel, meals, and lodging; Sarah: 35-50, female, Caucasian. In love with her husband. Supporting. Pays: $8,400 with travel, meals, and lodging; Sam: 40-60, male, Caucasian. In love with his son. Supporting. Pays: $8,400 with travel, meals, and lodging; Lilly: 12-17, female, Caucasian. In love with science. Supporting. Pays: $6,400 with travel, meals, and lodging for her plus one guardian; Rose: 5-10, female, Caucasian. In love with art. Supporting. Pays: $6,400 with travel, meals, and lodging for her plus one guardian; Richard; 40-60, male, Caucasian. In love with his job. Supporting. Pays: $2,400 with travel, meals, and lodging; Main Reporter: 40-50, female, Caucasian. In love with stories. Supporting. Pays: $800. (Posted: December 22, 2014)
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