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Abbreviations: CAST - Actor/s - Actress/es; EXEC PROD - Executive Producer; CO-EXEC PROD - Co-Executive Producer; SUPR PROD - Supervising Producer; PROD - Producer; CO-PROD - Co-Producer; AP - Associate Producer; DIR - Director; SCR/WRTR - Screen Writer; CSTG - Casting Director; EX-CSTG - Extras Casting Director. All Casting Notices Printed in MY Entertainment WORLD Are Free.  MY Entertainment WORLD reserves the right to refuse to print any casting notice. Please send all new listing, additions, deletions and changes to: CASTING NOTICES. Or by mail to: MY Entertainment WORLD, Attn: C/N, P.O.Box 523, Melbourne, FL 32902-0523. USA.
(New Mexico) - Email photographs & resumes, location & contact info (phone and email) ASAP to: Title: STARGIRL, a Feature Film. CSTG, Denise Chamian. Contract: Producer plans to apply for SAG-AFTRA contract. Shoot Dates: Begins approx. October 1, 2015 (in New Mexico). STORY: There's a new student at Mica High and her name is Stargirl. She's a young woman who believes in practicing acts of random kindness, possessed of quiet decency who sometimes gets surprisingly loud. She's upbeat, good-hearted and believes the best of everyone. To the other students, she seems like an alien and socially awkward, but quiet Leo Borlock is captivated enough to come out of his shell to figure her out. Stargirl is eventually embraced and crowned a cheerleader, but when she cheers for the opposing team as much as for her own, her school turns on her, making her an outcast, and the boy who loves her has to decide if he has the guts to follow her into social exile. Breakdown-- Leo: 15-18, male, any ethnicity. Still waiting for puberty to fully kick in, not particularly popular; in fact, Kevin may be his only friend, dateless and likely to remain so, he is the producer-director of an on-campus TV interview show called "Hot Seat," but he's too shy ever to step in front of the cameras. Lead; Kevin: 15-18, male, any ethnicity. Leo's best friend. Lead; Hillari: 15-18, female, any ethnicity. Captain of the cheerleading team. Supporting; Dori: 14-18, female, any ethnicity. A quirky, solitary student, becomes Stargirl's friend. Supporting; Drea: 15-18, female, any ethnicity. A cheerleader, Hillari's friend. Supporting. (Posted: June 29, 2015)

(Austin, TX) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: Title: WHAT WILL COME, a Short Film. PROD, Daniel Flores; DIR/SCR, Josh Dean. Shoot Dates: October 4-13, 2015 (in Austin, TX). STORY: The film is about a homeless man ekes out an existence in the wild hills of Texas, scavenging what he can and selling his art on a street corner downtown. Breakdown-- Jim: 45-60, male, any ethnicity. Average-to-thin build, greying hair. tanned and wrinkled, some physical activity (e.g. running) will be required, trying to make the best of a bad situation. Lead; Woman: 45-55, female, any ethnicity. Shoulder length and greying hair, pale, thin, the mysterious stranger that appears in Jimís camp, says little, and has a strange presence about her. Supporting. Note: This ENTIRE SHORT is filmed outside, mainly in the woods. I donít expect the temperatures to be too high during the shooting, but we will have limited access to running water and other amenities. I will do my best to mitigate this, but it is unavoidable to an extent. Please keep this in mind! (Posted: September 8, 2015)

(New York, NY) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: Title: ONE MORE, a Short Film. PROD, Murray Wasylnuk. Contract: $150/USD per shooting day. Shoot Dtaes: October 5-9, 2015 (in New York, NY). STORY: The film is about a down on his luck writer who finds inspiration on the streets of New York City. Breakdown-- Supporting Female Role: 24-35, female, Caucasian, Asian. This is a key role as "mystery female". The role requires minor and tasteful nudity, to be discussed further between actor and director. Supporting. (Posted: May 25, 2015)

(Taylor, PA - AUDITIONS: October 17, 2015) - To schedule RSVP audition appointment, See: Title: CONFIDENTIAL DECEIT, a Short Film. CSTG, Brad Crandall. Shoot Dates: Begins June, 2016. STORY: One year ago, the now seventeen year old Jordan Marino was the rich, popular quarterback at Silver Lake High. Jordan's life was turned upside down when his father, Jason was arrested on embezzlement charges, leaving Jordan alone with his alcoholic, abusive mother Carol. Now it's one year later and we find Jordan and Carol living in the local trailer park, broke and still trying to adjust to their new life. Breakdown-- Jordan Marino: 17-21, male, Caucasian. Jordan is arrogant, cocky, crude, and extremely in love with himself. Jordan is handsome, athletic, and in perfect shape. Must be extremely good looking for this role. Lead; Sean Henderson: 18-22, male, Caucasian. Sean is flamboyant, openly gay, easily excitable. He is in love with Jordan, and has been for years. He loathes Jordan's girlfriend, Nikki. Lead; Nikki Tyler: 17-21, female, Caucasian. Nikki Tyler is the rich, popular, gorgeous head cheerleader of the Jaguars and girlfriend to Jordan. She is always claiming to be a Christian and can quote any Bible verse for any situation. Lead; Molly Jackson: 16-21, female, Caucasian. Molly Jackson is the obese cousin of Nikki Tyler. Molly suffers from several forms of mental illness including bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorder, and schizophrenia. Her only happiness in the world is her dog Scruffy. Lead; Damien Williams: 16-21, male, African-American. Damien is the polar opposite of Jordan. He too is sexy and athletic. However, he is romantic, sweet, caring, and faithful. Lead; Carol Marino: 39-54, female, Caucasian. Carol Marino is the desperate housewife type. She is an abusive alcoholic. When things are "too hard to handle" she has a tendency to get drunk and high with her "friends" Karen and Frank Quincy. Lead; Craig Henderson: 22-32, male, Caucasian. Craig Henderson is the openly gay Uncle of Sean. Craig is the voice of reason and a shoulder to lean on. Most days he can be found at the local free clinic where he works as a Physician's Assistant. Lead; Bobby Jackson: 39-56, male, Caucasian. Bobby is Molly's drunk, abusive father. He is always threatening to get rid of Scruffy. Lead; Frank Quincy: 23-27, male, Caucasian. Frank and his wife own the trailer park. They are heavily into drugs and provide their customers with all "the good stuff". Lead; Karen Quincy: 42-60, female, Caucasian. Karen and her husband Frank are the owners of the trailer park. They are heavily into drugs and can provide their customers all the "good stuff". Lead; Greg Andrews: 21-25, male, Caucasian. Greg is the youth pastor with a heart of gold. He is married to Alyssa and has a two year old daughter. However, Greg makes some questionable choices. Supporting. You will be asked to read a provided monologue. Any selected talent will be contacted directly either by phone or email. Bring photographs & resumes, stapled together. (Posted: September 8, 2015)

(Houston, TX) - To submit, See: Only accepting video auditions through hosts like YouTube and Vimeo. You are free to audition for more than one role via the "Auditioning Scripts" on the auditions website. Submit a link to your audition video with your headshot, first name, last name, height, weight and age by October 31, 2015 to: Allow at least one week for a reply due to the high volume of submissions. Title: ADAM & EVE, a Feature Film. PROD, Jeremy Akatsa. Contract: Pay varies based on role. Shoot Dates: Tentatively February-March, 2016 (15-22 days shoots with post-production planned for July 2016 [one-three days] in Houston, TX). STORY: The film is about God gives Adam and Eve time machines that can grant eternal life. Breakdown-- Adam: 18-30, male, Caucasian. In love with writing. Lead. Pays: $11,800 with travel, meals, and lodging; Eve: 18-25, female, Caucasian. In love with painting. Lead. Pays: $12,400 with travel, meals, and lodging; Sarah: 35-50, female, Caucasian. In love with her husband. Supporting. Pays: $8,400 with travel, meals, and lodging; Sam: 40-60, male, Caucasian. In love with his son. Supporting. Pays: $8,400 with travel, meals, and lodging; Lilly: 12-17, female, Caucasian. In love with science. Supporting. Pays: $6,400 with travel, meals, and lodging for her plus one guardian; Rose: 5-10, female, Caucasian. In love with art. Supporting. Pays: $6,400 with travel, meals, and lodging for her plus one guardian; Richard; 40-60, male, Caucasian. In love with his job. Supporting. Pays: $2,400 with travel, meals, and lodging; Main Reporter: 40-50, female, Caucasian. In love with stories. Supporting. Pays: $800. (Posted: December 22, 2014)

(Austin, TX) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: Title: WHITE RABBIT OF COSHOW, a Short Film. PROD, Kendra Dobson, Jason Bostic; DIR, Kendra Dobson, Jason Bostic; SCR, Kendra Dobson. Shoot Dates: October, 2015 (in Austin, TX). STORY: Set in the future, a reluctant anti-hero and heir to a throne of powerful persuasion decides to shirk all responsibility he has to his father and the district he was groomed to run as ringmaster. Breakdown-- Boy: 5-10, male, Caucasian. Must be available weekdays between 1:00-5:00 pm. Supporting; Kids: 12-16, males & females, any ethnicity. Must be available weekdays between 1:00-5:00 pm. Supporting. (Posted: September 8, 2015)

(Los Angeles, CA - AUDITIONS: Late November, 2015 by Appointment in Burbank or North Hollywood, CA) - Send photographs & resumes ASAP to: Vic Alexander Productions, 827 Hollywood Way, #70, Burbank, CA 91505. Title: IMMORTAL ONE, a Feature Film. Contract: Filmmaker plans to apply for a SAG-AFTRA Ultra Low Budget (ULB) Agreement. Shoot Dates: January, 2016 (in the Los Angeles, CA). STORY: Juan is caught in the middle of a ruthless Mexican drug cartel and a small village on the brink of a massacre; heís endowed with a singular gift, but can he alone save the village? Breakdown-- Juan Sandoval: 29-39, male, Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American. Initially 12 years old, then 30-ish in the main body of the film. An orphaned child, he lives a normal life in a Catholic monastery until an accident heís involved in changes everything; in addition, he is haunted by some unresolved issues from his past; he works as an elementary teacher at the monastery; his goal is to save a small village from a massacre, and atone for a past misgiving; humble, magnetic presence, concealing, self-doubts, blessed with a miraculous gift. Lead; Antonio (El Terrible) Camacho: 35-45, male, Hispanic, Native American. Having been involved in illicit activities since youthful days, he has consolidated power through sheer ruthlessness and brutal slayings to become one of the most wanted men in all of Mexico; a drug cartel kingpin; his goal is to rule the Mexican drug trade, and control wide territories for distribution throughout Mexico; ruthless, deceptive, corrupt, greedy, slippery. Lead; Padre Francisco: 40-60, male, Caucasian, Hispanic. With a staunch Catholic upbringing in which he was beaten if he couldnít recite the Book of Revelation as a child, he has carried over this inflexible approach to his sermons, and anything that is new or original; the Catholic vicar at the monastery; his goal is to manage the Monastery the way itís been run for 100 years, and vanquish Juan to irrelevance; nice exterior, jealous, manipulative, concealing. Supporting; Pedro Castillo: 25-35, male, Hispanic, Native American. He's 12 years old when we first see him, then he's 30ish for the rest of the movie; raised in the Monastery with Juan, they become inseparable friends; as an adult he scratches out a humble living as a farmer and shepherd; his goal is to live a simple life in gratitude, and support Juan in his time of need; supportive, humble, a strategist. Supporting; Rosita Delgado: 25-35, female, Hispanic, Native American. Ssadly witnessed her husband and parents get brutally murdered by the cartel; tries to stay one step ahead of them; the desperate mother of her sickly son Paolo; scraps for a living where she can; her goal is to save her son, and find a safe place to live with him; caring, scared, distrusting, crafty. Supporting; Paolo Delgado: 8-10, male, Caucasian, Hispanic. Born prematurely, he is plagued with an undiagnosed illness that saps his energy; his goal is to survive someplace safe, and help his mother get by; bashful, panicked, curious, giving. Supporting; Sister Carmen Maria: 40-60, female, Caucasian, Hispanic. Coming from a very humble existence, and having grown up in the monastery, Carmen has embraced the poor village children as her new family; she is very nurturing and responsive and inspires the best from her students; a teaching nun at the monastery, her goal is to educate the generally impoverished children from the local village and inspire others to rise above their personal challenges; she serves as a positive influence, guiding Juan to accept his gift; caring, modest, distrusting of authority, secretive. Supporting; Sister Luisa Eleanor: 50-60, female, Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American. Her life has been a series of disappointments; she sought a life of happiness and miracles, but when confronted with one she does everything in her power to invalidate it; head nun at the monastery; tyrannically rules the nuns at the Monastery; discredits and subjugates Juan as a charlatan; manipulative, distrusting, conspiring, political. Supporting; Roberto Martinez: 35-45, male, Hispanic. Brutalized by the cartel years ago, and having lost his wife to them, he schemes to defend his village, and reclaim his wife; a mechanic; his goal is to get his revenge on Antonio Camacho for stealing his wife, and get her back; scheming, evasive, determined, withholding. Supporting; Angelina Martinez: 25-35, female, Caucasian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race, African Descent. Highly desired by men because of her exotic looks, she is abducted from the small village she lived in with her husband Roberto; a wife and mother; she wonders if she can trade off more than just her looks to escape the clutches of the cartel; scared, nervous, manipulative, smooth. Supporting. (Posted: September 8, 2015)
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