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Abbreviations: CAST - Actor/s - Actress/es; EXEC PROD - Executive Producer; CO-EXEC PROD - Co-Executive Producer; SUPR PROD - Supervising Producer; PROD - Producer; CO-PROD - Co-Producer; AP - Associate Producer; DIR - Director; SCR/WRTR - Screen Writer; CSTG - Casting Director; EX-CSTG - Extras Casting Director. All Casting Notices Printed in MY Entertainment WORLD Are Free.  MY Entertainment WORLD reserves the right to refuse to print any casting notice. Please send all new listing, additions, deletions and changes to: CASTING NOTICES. Or by mail to: MY Entertainment WORLD, Attn: C/N, P.O.Box 523, Melbourne, FL 32902-0523. USA.
(Las Vegas, NV & Big Bear, CA & Cedar City, UT) - Las Vegas, NV - AUDITIONS: November 1, 2014 between 2:00-6:00 pm Open Casting Call at Test Site Productions, 3531 Russel Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89120) - Title: THE GLASS HOUSE, a Trailer/Movie. PROD/DIR, Steven Silvas; SCR, Neils Williams. Contract: Producer plans to apply for a SAG-AFTRA agreement. Shoot Dates: TBD (in Las Vegas, NV & Big Bear, CA & Cedar City, UT). STORY: With a newlywed wife and a successful architect career, things are looking up for Todd Clemons. But when eccentric millionaire Thomas Glass comes to the town of Brookside Village, Texas, Todd's world is turned upside down and he discovers his business is more in demand than he bargained. Dangerously in demand. Forced to work for Mr. Glass against his will, Todd must complete the task at hand, and save himself and his new family or else this may be the last project of his life. Breakdown-- Thomas: 30-35, male, African-American, 6'2". Build (muscular). Must be able to speak with a hint of western (Texas) dialect. Character wll be dark, minacing and intimidating (i.e reminisence of Tony Todd from Candyman). Lead; Todd: 30-35, male, African-American, 5'8". Build (toned). Must be able to speak with a western (Texas) dialect. Character will be at first confident and strong as though he has everything figured out and under control and then become weak and overcome with many fearful and lost emotions. Losing control. Lead; Alexis: 27-35, female, African-American, 5'6"-5'8". Build (slim) (toned). Must be able to speak with a hint of western dialect. Character is loving and caring with a dual personality/dark side. Supporting; Brian: 24-31, male, African-American, 5'9"-6'2". Build (muscular). Must be able to speak with a hint of western (Texas) dialect. Character is socially akward (nerdy). Friendly on the surface with a dual personality/dark side. Supporting; All Extras & Background: 18-45, males & females, any ethnicity. Extra roles may include but not limited to; Cops, Firefighters, CSI, bar/restaraunt patrons. Civilians, Corporate Execs etc. Background / Extra. Producer states: "While we appreciate many types of talent we are only seeking actors and actresses. No musicians, jugglers, magicians, dancers, etc."Must be able speak with a western (Texas) dialect. (Posted: October 20, 2014)

(Las Vegas, NV & Phoenix, AZ) - To be considered, film a self-taped audition. Visit to download the sides and upload your audition video. Submissions are being accepted exclusively via; joining Let It Cast and submitting for this casting is completely free. Title: POOR BOY, a Feature Film. PROD, West McDowell, Jeremiah Gurzi; DIR, Robert Scott Wildes. Contract: SAG-AFTRA Ultra Low Budget Agreement (Pay TBD. Copy and meals provided. Travel and lodging for the leads, others need to be local). Shoot Dates: Approximately November 10-December 10, 2014 (in Las Vegas, NV & Phoenix, AZ). STORY: Poor Boy and Prickface, brothers born to a rodeo clown, scrape by in Arizona by stealing lawnmowers, bootlegged premium cable packages, and running an underground gambling ring for high school sports. When the bank threatens to repo their beloved houseboat, the brothers set off on a white trash criminal odyssey to get rich for good and set them up in California, the land of dreams. Breakdown-- Cynthia: 22-32, female, Caucasian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. A white trash townie chick who dresses vaguely Native American, she smokes a lot and doesn't wash her hair, goes to community college and waits tables, hates her family; busboys turn her on, cruises online dating sites to get laid, her mother was a drug addict and she was adopted at a young age by a Native American family. Lead; Vern: 37-45, male, Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Native American, African Descent. Arizona Sheriff's Deputy, former high school athlete, constantly embroiled in domestic conflict with his wife, has a slight anger problem, prone to nervous fits and crackups, fairly dishonest. Lead; Bill: 40-55, male, Caucasian. A private investigator from Milwaukee, tall, awkward, unsure how to dress for the weather, pale, compulsively records conversations as well as the local news, loves planning weekend getaways, history-buff, sweaty, confused by masculinity. Lead; Keeter: 10-15, males & females, any ethnicity. Wiry little runt kid, lacks proper vaccinations, always slinking and lurking, never seems to eat, but never dies, always has things, but never has money, would be late to dinner but his/her mother hasn't made dinner in a long time. Supporting; Derek: 25-35, male, any ethnicity. Front desk clerk at a shady little downtown motel, takes night classes at community college, likes cinema and women, actually gets laid by women, proud of his car. Supporting; Missus Waxman: 35-50, female, any ethnicity. Former high school science teacher, lesbian tendencies, well-traveled, likes dog racing and West Coast rap music, good with her hands. Supporting; Claude: 30-45, male, any ethnicity. High school volleyball coach, very protective of his girls, single, likes to date online, sleeps around, brushes his teeth in the car, takes sex supplements, virility pills, tends to get drunk and talk loudly, wild card. Supporting; Miranda: 16-19, female, any ethnicity. High school volleyball player, likes boys and parties, concerts, loves amateur race cars and loud music, free spirit. Supporting; Freddie: 45-60, male, Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race, African Descent. Veteran rodeo cowboy, seen it all, been broken and stuffed and cuffed, been high and low, had money and lost money. been in love once and faked it a few more times, loves the desert, wise, kind, respected by children and animals. Supporting; De'Nesha: 25-40, female, African-American, Hispanic, African Descent. Single mom, dental technician, proud, prone to fits of rage and blunt-force trauma. Supporting. (Posted: July 21, 2014)

(Los Angeles, CA) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: Title: THE OUTCAST, a Feature Film. PROD, Eder Caceres. Shoot Dates: November 15, 2014 (in Los Angeles, CA). Breakdown-- Sonny: 20-39, male, Hispanic. Traveling man; a loner with violent tendencies boiling inside. Tired of life on the road and wants to settle down. Nothing he loves more than cooking and listening to oldies. Lead; Bandini: 20-39, male, Hispanic. Life of the party. Fast-talking, trigger happy, conniving being, who has morals and doesn't break them for anyone. Supporting; Skye: 20-30, female, any ethnicity. Dresses down as to not attract unwanted attention. She's pretty but not self absorbed. Sweetheart with a good head on her shoulders and knows how to take care of herself. Supporting; Marco: 50-65, male, any ethnicity. Drug kingpin. As ruthless as they come. Vain and vindictive individual with no remorse. Supporting; Alida: 20-35, males & females, any ethnicity. Plays fast and loose with her own morals and doesn't care what anyone thinks. Been on her own most of her life and knows how to handle herself. She's a vixen; walking carnality. Supporting. (Posted: October 20, 2014)

(Los Angeles, CA & Albuquerque, NM) - Send/Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: CSTG,Joe Guinan, 4014 Central Avenue, SE ABQ, New Mexico 87108. Email: Video Casting / Satellite Submission in Hollywood at 323-304-3322, ask for Candy; or in New Mexico at 505-266-0580, ask for Lindy. Title: THE MATADORS, Feature Film. CAST, George Pan Andreas, Eric Roberts, Rip Torn, Guinan, El Pana; CSTG, Joe Guinan. Contract: $100.00/day. Meals provided. If talent is hired for out of state, room and board will also be paid for by production company. Shoot Dates: Mid November, 2014 (in Los Angeles, CA & Albuquerque, NM). Breakdown-- Maria: 18-40, female, any ethnicity. ''Zues'' fiancée who requests him to give up bull fighting and a CIA Agent. Very beautiful woman. Will be trained how to flamenco dance in rehearsals. Supporting. (Posted: October 7, 2014)

(Minneapolis, MN) - Email photographs & resumes and/or links to video ASAP to: Title: SQUIRREL, a Short Film. DIR/SCR, Thalia Drori. Contract: Some roles are paid and some unpaid. Pays a day rate for SAG-AFTRA. Shoot Dates: Begins in November, 2014 (in Minneapolis, MN). STORY: The film is about a woman promises her son that she will get revenge on an evil cop who pepper-sprayed a baby squirrel. Breakdown-- Vladka Verbistky: 33-48, female, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Jewish or Middle Eastern or Russian or a combo of all; a rebel mom. Small stipend, or day rate for SAG-AFTRA members, paid for this role. Lead; Noah: 9-11, male, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race. Vladka's son. Supporting; Emma: 29-45, female, any ethnicity. Vladka's insecure coworker and friend. Supporting; James: 40-60, male, any ethnicity. Vladka's boss; disheveled, maybe an old hippie type. Supporting. (Posted: October 7, 2014)

(Brooklyn, NY) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: Title: ROOFTOP, Short Film. DIR, Amanda Hanna-McLeer. Shoot Dates: November, 2014 (in Brooklyn, NY). STORY: The film is about the story of a young man's idle love for the old woman who lives next door. Unlike his neighbors, Ralph sees Mrs. Stabinski as she sees herself: a young beautiful dancer. Breakdown-- Ralph: 15-17, male, Caucasian. Vision of pre-pubescent awkwardness. Has yet to learn how to take care of himself. Hair is greasy, nails dirty, and he has a wispy, peach fuzz mustache that he refuses to shave. He doesn’t have any luck with girls. Lead; Mrs. Stabinski: 55-70, female, Caucasian. Big eyes and thin, long limbs; the human equivalent of a praying mantis. Graceful, but at the age of 73, is starting to have a difficult time walking in her heels. In her golden years she was a go-go dancer who had the voluptuous frame of Bridget Bardot and the height of Jean Shrimpton. Lead; Gus: 42-48, male, Caucasian. Ralph’s father. Strict, no-nonsense Catholic. Gus works a union carpentry job that he despises. Until his marriage to Marta a year ago, he was a widower mourning the loss of Ralph’s mother, Laura. Supporting; Marta: 34-42, Caucasian. Gus’ Romanian mail-order bride. Crude and unconcerned with the family customs, she married Ralph’s father for life insurance benefits. Supporting; Go-Go Dancers: 18-25, female, Caucasian. Backup go-go dancers for young Mrs. Stabinski. Chorus / Ensemble; Young Mrs. Stabinski: 18-25, female, Caucasian. Go-go dancing fusion of Bridget Bardot and Jean Shrimpton. Classic beauty. Supporting. (Posted: October 14, 2014)

(Charlotte, NC) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: (Include your name, age, contact info, clothing sizes, height, weight, location and two recent photos [face & body]). Title: PAPER TOWNS, a Feature Film. CAST, Nat Wolff, Cara Delevingne; DIR, Jake Schreier; CSTG, Tona B. Dahlquist. STORY: Mystery based on an 'average' teenage boy who pines for an 'exceptional' teenage girl. Shoot Dates: November-December, 2014 (in Charlotte, NC). Breakdown-- Stand-In #1: 18-50, male, Caucasian. 6'0"-6'1", Thin Build, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes. This stand-in will work every day. Background / Extra; Stand-In #2: 18-45, female, Caucasian. 5'10", thin build, dark Blonde/light brown hair. Background / Extra; Stand-In #3: 18-45, female, Caucasian. 5'5"-5'6", thin to average build, blonde hair. Background / Extra; Stand-In #4: 18-46, male, African-American. 5'10"-5'11", thin build, dark brown/black Hair. Background / Extra; Stand-In #5: 18-45, male, Caucasian. 5'8", thin build, brown hair. Background / Extra; Stand-In #6: 18-45, female, African-American. 5'5"-5'6", thin to average build, dark brown/black hair. Background / Extra. (Posted: October 20, 2014)

(Washington, DC) - Email photographs resumes & two Shakespearean monologues with links ASAP to: (Shakespeare reel required. Reels and links to other online work also accepted). Title: KING LEAR, a Feature Film. DIR, Alexander Barnett. Contract: SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement (Pay provided for shoot days. Must have own housing and transportation). Rehearsal & Shoot Dates: Late fall, 2014-January, 2015 (in Washington, DC). Breakdown-- Gloucester: 55-65, male, any ethnicity. Selfish, self-absorbed, cynical and credulous; judges everything by appearance; ultimately proves to be a brave and decent man. Lead; Edmund: 26-32, male, any ethnicity. Next to Iago, Shakespeare’s greatest actor; charming, amoral, cold-blooded, and totally objective. Lead; Goneril: 28-38, female, any ethnicity. One of the most progressive and contemporary women in all of Shakespeare; fiercely independent, ambitious, assertive, utterly ruthless, and determined; counts on no one except Edmund. Lead. (Posted: September 1, 2014)

(Albuquerque, NM) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: Title: HIDEOUS, a Feature Film. PROD, Robert Dean; DIR, Johnny Tabor; CSTG, William Dean. Contract: $100/day, plus meals, housing, and gas travel to NM provided. Shoot Dates: December 1-20, 2014 (in NM). STORY: While traveling cross country on tour, six band members run into trouble on the road. Seeking help they find themselves at a couple's farmhouse, terrorized by a dark presence that has loomed there for decades. Breakdown-- Anna: 18-34, female, Caucasian. To play early-20s, girl next door look, pretty, motherly, works as a waitress in a small town restaurant, her and Billy have been together for almost two years; it’s been a rough relationship, he spends much of his time on the road playing pursing his music career; she loves him, but doesn't really know if he can take care of her and the baby on the way. Lead; Billy: 18-35, male, Caucasian. Tall, lead singer, to play Late-20s, athletic build, long dark hair, quiet and collected, a frustrated man, he constantly tries to please himself and others, but has trouble doing so; he's constantly trying to quit smoking, dropped out of high school to start a band with his best friend Riley and has been pursing his dream ever since; music is his passion, he loves Anna, but fears not being able to take care of her because of his music dream, he's what most would call an unlikely hero. Lead; Riley: 18-35, male, Caucasian. To play Late 20s, drummer, athletic build, rugged, best friends with Billy since childhood, rowdy, likes to party and fight; grew up with an abusive father, although he appears confident, it’s a facade, he views himself as a loser; looks to music as his only chance of leaving his hometown and making something of himself. Lead; Jesse: 18-27, male, any ethnicity. To play Early 20s, bass, naive, skinny, shoulder length hair and a beard, isn't a leader, he’s the newest member of the band, but really looks at Riley and Billy as older brothers; music is his hobby and one day plans on traveling the world and settling down to become a lawyer, he's an all around good guy. Lead; Tim: 18-33, male, any ethnicity. To play Mid 20s, backup singer and lead guitarist, good looking and comes from money, he's constantly in competition with Billy and is secretly in love with Anna; he thinks he's quite the charmer, has a nice guy appeal to him, but has hidden motives, plans on starting a solo operation soon. Supporting; Jenny: 18-30, female, Caucasian, Hispanic. To play Mid 20s, groupie, a free spirit and not looking for anything serious, she goes where the wind blows her, she grew up in a small town, she likes Riley, but will settle for any one of the band members; brief nudity. Supporting; Cecile: 41-64, female, Caucasian. To play Late 40s, grandmotherly in nature, her and her husband Walter have been through a lot in their years together, she lost her only daughter when her and Walter were younger. Supporting; Walter: 43-78, male, Caucasian. To play Late 40s, quiet and weary, he feels responsible for the death of his daughter and has spent the extent of his life trying to reconcile the loss. Supporting; Juan Diego: 26-38, male, Hispanic. To play Late 30s, unfaithful husband, married to Esperanza. Supporting; Esperanza: 20-37, female, Hispanic. To play Late 30s, once upon a time her and Juan Diego were madly in love, that is until they decided to start a family, and after continuously trying discovered that she was unable to bear children; this was devastating news to the couple and over time Juan Diego became distant from his wife and would spends weeks at a time away working; when she discovers that not only is her husband having an affair, but that his mistress is also pregnant, she becomes enraged and seeks revenge; implied nudity, actress will appear in white nightgown without a bra. Lead. (Posted: October 20, 2014)
(Miami, FL) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: AP, Erica Ashley, Title: SAUDADE, a Web Series. PROD, Joey Lamar Ashley; AP, Erica Ashley; DIRJoey Lamar Ashley; SCR, Jennifer Joy O' Grady. Contract: SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement (Deferred pay). Shoot Dates: January-March, 2015 (in Miami, FL). STORY: The film is about a fatal accident which causes memory loss to a young, spirited dancer, Vivian and the ripple effect of choices, traumas and circumstances on those closest to her. Breakdown-- Vivian: 18-24, female, Caucasian. A compassionate, kindhearted, and spirited dancer with an expressive soul; she searches for truth and the answers to the blurred areas in her life; Leo: 18-24, male, Caucasian, Hispanic. Vivian’s mystifying love interest, who causes tension when he returns back home; an attractive, talented, soulful, yet troubled musician; Samuel: 27-33, male, Caucasian. Vivian’s older, protective brother, with a rough exterior and sensitive interior; an alcoholic who is deluded by memories of past abuse, the loss of their mother, and the detrimental choices he makes; Desmond: 27-33, male, African-American. Samuel’s lifelong best friend and their adopted brother; he appears to be the wise, moral compass of the group, but the secrets and addiction that haunt him behind closed doors barricade him from moving forward successfully; Summer: 27-33, female, any ethnicity. Samuel’s high school sweetheart, has her own methods for getting what she wants; her goal is to have her own family with Samuel, which causes conflict in the current family dynamic; Mackenzie: 18-24, female, Caucasian. Leo’s fellow band member; she is either an obstacle in Leo’s personal life or an asset on the route to his dreams; Mackenzie is a confident, uniquely beautiful, musician with a hippie-like appearance and bohemian style who lives with no regrets; Camilla: 18-24, female, Hispanic. Vivian’s best friend; she and Vivian developed a strong bond in the dance program; she has dreams far bigger than the rough urban neighborhood she grew up in; she is always there to help Vivian when she misses a step; Feature Background: 18-45, males & females, any ethnicity. To play Band Members, Hipster Types, Musicians/Singers, Dancers, Waiters/Waitresses/Bartenders, Patrons, and Audience Members. (Posted: October 7, 2014)
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