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Abbreviations: CAST - Actor/s - Actress/es; EXEC PROD - Executive Producer; CO-EXEC PROD - Co-Executive Producer; SUPR PROD - Supervising Producer; PROD - Producer; CO-PROD - Co-Producer; AP - Associate Producer; DIR - Director; SCR/WRTR - Screen Writer; CSTG - Casting Director; EX-CSTG - Extras Casting Director. All Casting Notices Printed in MY Entertainment WORLD Are Free.  MY Entertainment WORLD reserves the right to refuse to print any casting notice. Please send all new listing, additions, deletions and changes to: CASTING NOTICES. Or by mail to: MY Entertainment WORLD, Attn: C/N, P.O.Box 523, Melbourne, FL 32902-0523. USA.
MARCH 2015
(New York, NY - AUDITIONS: March 7, 2015 at Central Studio 36, 124 W 36th St., Suite 503, New York, NY 10018) - Title: ELEVATOR MUSIC, a Short Film. Contract: The producers plan to apply for a SAG-AFTRA student film agreement (Full compensation for travel and expenses, plus a DVD copy of the finished film. No participation fees). Rehearsal Dates: March 14 & 15, 2015 (at the SUNY Purchase sound stage. Shoot Dates: March 20-23, 2015 (at the sound stage, additional photography in car on March 24, 2015. STORY: The film is about a post-collegiate woman recovering from a car crash, grieving the loss of her spouse while teaching herself how to walk again. This film is about loss, and finding the way to go forward in life. Breakdown-- Andrea: 22-29, female, any ethnicity. Completely alone in the hospital room, Andrea must teach herself how to walk again, while overcoming loss and finding the reasons to continue. This will be a very physical performance, relying on movement and expression, without any dialogue. Lead. (Posted: February 9, 2015)

(Washington, DC) - Email photographs, resumes & two online audition pieces from the script. They are Edgar's monologue in Act 2, Scene 3 and a combined monologue from Act 3, Scene 4 lines 50-52; 55-67; 85-89 and 91-107 to: For more information, See: Title: KING LEAR, a Feature Film. DIR, Alexander Barnett. Contract: SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement (Expense reimbursement of $100/shoot day. All other compensation deferred). Shoot Dates: March 9-April 30, 2015 (in Washington, DC). Breakdown-- Edgar: 26-32, male, any ethnicity. Totally trusting and credulous; has never been challenged either physically or emotionally and on a conscious level has no awareness of his enormous potential. Lead. (Posted: February 16, 2015)

(Atlanta, GA) - To apply, submit online at: Title: ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: ROAD CHIP, a Feature Film. CAST, Jason Lee, Tony Hale; VOICE, Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jesse McCartney; EXEC PROD, Karen Rosenfelt; PROD, Ross Bagdasarian Jr., Janice Karman; DIR, Walt Becker; SCR, Adam Sztykiel, Randi Mayem Singer. Shoot Dates: Begins March 15, 2015 (in Atlanta, GA). STORY: Through a series of misunderstandings, Alvin, Simon and Theodore come to believe that Dave is going to propose to his new girlfriend in New York City... and dump them. They have three days to get to him and stop the proposal, saving themselves not only from losing Dave but possibly from gaining a terrible stepbrother. Breakdown-- Los Angeles Looking Kids & Parents: 6-50, males & females, any ethnicity. Background / Extra; Los Angeles Looking Kids: 6-18, males & females, any ethnicity. Background / Extra; Body Guards: 18+, male, any ethnicity. Background / Extra; Paparazzi: 18+, males & females, any ethnicity. Background / Extra; Hip Record Studio Types: 18+, males & females, any ethnicity. Background / Extra; Beautiful Women: 18+, female, any ethnicity. Background / Extra; Recording Engineers: 18+, males & females, any ethnicity. Background / Extra; Los Angeles TSA Types: 18+, males & females, any ethnicity. Background / Extra; Flight Attendants: 18+, males & females, any ethnicity. Background / Extra. Casting Director Notes: "We realize this posting is vague but take a look at yourself. What role could you play"? (Posted: February 16, 2015)

(Brooklyn, NY) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: (Stating "AD CASTING SUBMISSION: (ROLE)" in the Subject line). Title: AMBITION'S DEBT, a Feature Film. PROD, Devin Haqq. Contract: Non-Union (Daily stipend. Meals provided and credit). Shoot Dates: March 24-31, 2015 (in Brooklyn, NY). STORY: The film follows the downfall of Rome's most honored citizen as he conspires to assassinate Julius Caesar in order to forestall tyranny and preserve democracy. Breakdown-- Citizens of Rome: 20-60, males & females, any ethnicity. Common people who live and work in the city known as Rome, a community cobbled together out of the ruins of a once great and thriving metropolis. Background / Extra; Senators: 45-70, males & females, any ethnicity. Elder statesmen. Leaders of the society. Authority figures and people of privilage. Background / Extra. (Posted: February 16, 2015)

(Austin, TX) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: (Stating the role(s) or position you are submitting for in the Subject line). Title: HERE WE ARE, a Feature Film. DIR/SCR, David Bellarosa. Shoot Dates: March 30-April 30, 2015 (in Austin, TX). STORY: The film is about a young, wanderlusting writer who escapes his slacker surroundings and volunteers for a medical experiment that offers him a fresh start and a whole lot more. Breakdown-- Ben: 25-29, male, any ethnicity. Older brother of Andy, good-looking but always unkempt, thinks quite highly of himself as the Gordon Gecko of Craigslist wheeling and dealing. Lead; Misty: 20-34, female, any ethnicity. Beautiful in a very natural way with a large spirit, of her own style and alternative, can be fun and flirty, dark and moody; Haley: 20-29, female, any ethnicity. Little stuck up, very motivated and pretty, a skilled sign language interpreter and can dance too. Lead; Travis: 20-25, male, Caucasian. Oversexed, underused, mildly depraved yet funny, sincere, curious, good friend, Andy and Benís housemate. Lead; Michael: 25-30, male, any ethnicity. Quasi-bohemian, very oversexed, seriously smelly, rides his bike everywhere, always reinventing himself, good looking in a grungy, nineties way. Supporting; Josh: 30-35, male, any ethnicity. A truly jovial dude with a big, warm smile and an infinite giggle, Benís stoner, hustler sidekick. Supporting. (Posted: January 27, 2015)

(Annapolis, MD) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: Pre-selections will be made through headshots/resume submissions. Sides will be sent for a video submission. Director/writer may also be interested in doing an in-person callback. Title: INDOCTRINATION, a Feature Film. Contract: $100 for the shoot, plus traveling expenses. Shoot Dates: March, (one-two days near Annapolis, MD). STORY: Life consultant Damien King masks his 'satanic' personality and utilizes his 'angelic' persona as a foundation to manipulate Laura Rose to give in to her secular desires. He convinces her to go against her strong values and judgments that society has indoctrinated her. Breakdown-- Laura: 20-28, female, Caucasian. Virtuous and naive; her faith is strong; note: must be willing to appear in bra and panties in a rape scene, no nudity; must be able to cry on demand and act out an intense sexual scene. Lead. Director states: "We are shooting an excerpt from a feature length script; there is the possible opportunity in the future to be cast as Laura in the feature". (Posted: February 16, 2015)

(Kentucky) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: CSTG, Vin Morreale, (Stating the role(s) you are submitting for in the Subject line). Title: THANATOPHOBIA, a Short Psychological Horror Film. Rehearsal Dates: March, 2015. Shoot Dates: Late March/Early April, 2015 (over six days shoot in Kentucky). STORY: The film is about an elderly man who confronts dark forces in the neighborhood movie theater. Breakdown-- Ernie: 66-85, male, Caucasian. Ernieís living at home, contemplating whether to move into the "Misty Hills Retirement Village." Heís stubborn, cranky, with a strong personality, but has a very fragile side as he fears dying alone. This role does require some physically demanding parts. Lead (RATE: $1,000/day up to 6 days, inclusive of Agency fees, if any. Transportation & lodging provided for out-of-state actors traveling 100 miles or more); Bob Dillinger: 30-50, male, Caucasian, 5'10"+, Black Hair Color. Pale, thin and sinister. In second scene of the film with the main character Ernie Cranshaw. Significant screen time. Friendly, but something just doesnít seem right. Supporting (RATE: $550 for 1 day, inclusive of Agency fees, if any. Transportation & lodging provided for out-of-state actors traveling 100 miles or more); Young Ernie: 7-13, male, Caucasian. A physically and emotionally challenging role. Young Ernie has an alcoholic, abusive father and is in the crucial first act of the film. Supporting (RATE: $350 for 1 day, inclusive of Agency fees, if any. Transportation & lodging provided for out-of-state actors traveling 100 miles or more). (Posted: January 19, 2015)

(Duart, OK) - Send photographs & resumes ASAP to: 1901 W. Mississippi St., A14, Duart, OK 74701. Title: TNC: THE NEW CHRISTIAN, a Feature Film. Shoot Dates: March, 2015. STORY: In 2004, the mafia goes underground and meet in the Bronx. With five families, one boss has a new idea he will not share until 2014, with a twist. The family is in the Baptist Christian TV. Breakdown-- Samini Gangster: 35-64, males & females, Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race, African Descent. Good dresser; wise guy type; slim. (Posted: December 30, 2014)

(Beijing & Tianjin & Weifang, China) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: (Stating the role you are submitting for in the Subject line). Title: HEAVEN AND HELL, a Feature Film. PROD, Stephen Bing-Kwan Lam; DIR, Stephen Gei-Yin Shin. Contract: Daily/weekly salary negotiable. Agent states: "We will pay all-star travel & accommodation, organize entry visas and potentially provide additional publicity opportunities off-set in Beijing". Shoot Dates: Begins March, 2015 (in Beijing & Tianjin & Weifang, China). STORY: The film is about Eric Liddell's life. Eric Liddell became friends with a poor Chinese man named Niu whilst teaching in China as well as running a hospital for his brother. When the war breaks out, Eric gets thrown into prison and his brother Robert and spouse Florence go back to the UK. Niu attempts to save Eric many times, yet failed. During Eric's time in prison, a Japanese officer, Daira, challenges him to a race, because Daira himself had missed his chance of attending the Olympics. Eric intentionally loses two games to Daira so that the prisoners don't have to suffer from hunger penalties. While Niu's rescue plans keep failing, Eric's good friend David successfully escapes from the prison. In his final attempt Niu dies in action, the plan fails, and Eric eventually spends his short remaining life in prison. Breakdown-- Eric Liddell: 36-45, male, Caucasian. Playing age 38-43; UK English (Scottish dialects pref.); dimple on chin is a plus. Supporting; Florence Mackenzie Liddell: 26-33, female, Caucasian. Playing age 26-33; English (Canadian, U.S.). Supporting. Agent states: "Unfortunately, we will only consider talents with a good IMDB credit list at this time. You will provide your ideal daily/weekly salary, and any other provisions you deem necessary to make you comfortable. You will provide your IMDb credit page, with headshots or comp-card, preferably without any alternations and make-up. We will possibly conduct a video call just prior to organizing entry visas and ticketing. We will take care of everything the foreign talents need. Our budget is $16M USD". (Posted: December 8, 2014)

(North Carolina & Daytona Beach, FL) - Video submissions should be sent to: If you are auditioning for the role of Ms. Chase, state that you have ballet experience (character will be doing a featured dance during the film). Only seeking actresses with extensive ballet experience for the role of Ms. Chase. If you are auditioning for the role of Jenna, state that you understand that you will be asked to mime playing motions with the piccolo in the context of the marching band ensemble. If you have marching band experience or play the piccolo, that is a plus but it is not necessarily required to secure the role. See more extensive note below about the role of Jenna. For more information, See: Facebook -; Twitter -; Instagram -; IMDB - Title: THE SHOW: PART I, a Feature Film. Rehearsal Contract: $100/day for rehearsals. Compensation for principal photography varies (depending on the role). Catering/food stipend/craft services and all travel and hotels provided by production. Dates: Spring, 2015 ([for all starring and co-starring actors and training for select roles only] in the Midlands area, SC). Shoot Dates: Summer, 2015 (in North Carolina & Daytona Beach, FL [depending on role]). STORY: The film is about Percy King, a recent graduate and former head drum major at Coastal Florida University, who has big dreams of being a successful high school band director. Upon his graduation from college, Percy is approached by his band director and convinced to seize an opportunity that will change the landscape of high school band in North Carolina forever. After his arrival at Saint Leoís Academy in Durham, North Carolina, Percy achieves great success rather quickly, proving his mettle very early on, but his success on the field comes at great cost to his personal life. Determined to keep his job and the promise that he would get all of his students to college on band scholarships, Percy pushes the envelope, bringing out the best in his kids both on the field and in the classroom, despite opposition from the school's board of directors, who feel like the arts should not be a priority of the school. In the process, Percy manages to teach them all a great deal about life. Itís a story about a manís constant strive for perfection, and at the same time, his inability to achieve it. It sheds light on a community of often misunderstood strangers who somehow act as a family, even in the darkest of times and ultimately teaches all of them that no matter what, the show, much like life, must always go on. Breakdown-- Ms. Jacquelyn Chase: 18-35, female, Caucasian. To play 26; an ex-professional ballet dancer and the school's dance teacher; through Mr. Kingís charm she is recruited to be the dance team advisor for the marching band, though she doesn't know much about running a traditional-style band dance team; in order to honor Mr. King's request, she brings on an old friend of hers to help her choreograph for the group and teach her about the culture while she attempts to get her bearings; she clearly develops feelings for Mr. King over the duration of their friendship, but Mr. King makes it clear that he is not interested in her romantically; because of that fact, she is extremely jealous of Ashley (Cupcake) and the attention and apparent favoritism that she received from Mr. King; despite that fact, Ms. Chase helps Cupcake through a very difficult time and manages to stay on as the dance advisor through the entire season and beyond. Must have dance skills for this role. This character is scheduled to appear in "The Show: Part II". Supporting; Jenna 'Six' Murphy: 18-26, female, Caucasian. To play 17; a white girl who loves being around black people, and so when she hears that the band is coming back, she jumps at the chance to dust off her instrument and get on the field; the nickname "Six" was given to her by DeCarrio and was originally meant as a slight, but she owns it by calling herself the name, in her mind removing the ability for people to hurt her feelings by using it behind her back; she befriends Ashley when she transfers in, and the two of them become de facto "besties" until Mr. King leaves, putting them at odds; should be able to play the flute/piccolo or clarinet (or be willing to be taught basics) for this role; this character is currently scheduled to appear in "The Show: Part II". Supporting; Ms. Courtney Bliss: 18-30, female, African-American. Ms. Bliss is the Home Economics teacher and Cheerleading coach at Saint Leoís. She confronts Countess, Alexis and Mercedes in the hall during their attempt to try-out for the dance team in secret. She stops speaking to the girls after they choose dance over Cheerleading. She hates Ms. Chase for stealing her girls away and she hates Mr. King even more because she feels like he is full of himself, especially after the Band begins winning awards. Day Player; Nicole "Mama" Harper: 30-50, female, African-American. Ms. Harper ("Mama") is Tazjiaís mother and an ex-flag member at Norfolk State University. She is convinced by both Mr. King and her daughter to become the flag advisor at Saint Leoís. She is boisterous at times, loves the spotlight, and she governs her Flag Team with an iron fist. She respects Mr. King and loves spending time around an activity that her daughter is involved in. Supporting; Kevin Champion: 18-30, male, African-American. Kevin is the new Head Drum Major at CFU, taking Percy's place in the position. Percy sees Kevin as a friend, but it turns out that Kevin has always seen Percy as an adversary. Kevin make s aplay for Jessica in Percy's absence and eventually gets his way once the couple decides to seperate. Supporting. * YOU SHOULD BE AT LEAST SIX FEET TALL FOR THIS ROLE. * THIS CHARACTER IS SCHEDULED TO MAKE A CAMEO IN THE SHOW (PART II); Collin St. James: 18-26, male, African-American. Collin is a High School Senior, the Son of a single Mother and the Percussion Section Leader at Saint Leo's Academy. He used to date the Dancer Captain, Alexis and in the wake of their recent break-up, ends up falling for Ashley (Cupcake). He tries to gain her favor, not knowing that Cupcake has her eyes on another prize altogether. The two become friends until it finally comes to fruition who she really likes. She decides to forego her continued participation in the Band once Mr. King takes an unscheduled leave of absence because of something she's said, leaving the two of them at odds while it all gets sorted out. In the end, Collin finds the importance of being a leader and extending forgiveness to those who have wronged you in some way, all while learning that believing in those that you look up to has its own rewards. Supporting. * YOU WILL HAVE TO LEARN TO PLAY SNARE DRUM FOR THIS ROLE. * THIS CHARACTER IS CURRENTLY SCHEDULED TO APPEAR IN THE SHOW (PART II). (Posted: December 30, 2014)

(Los Angeles, CA) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: CSTG, Kim Davis-Wagner & Justine Baddeley, In your email, include a picture of self and let us know what your amputation is. Let us know about your experience with stunt work (if any). Title: THE BAD BATCH, a Feature Film. Shoot Dates: March-May, 2015 (in Los Angeles, CA). Breakdown-- Female Amputee Body Double: 18+, female, Caucasian. Portraying a woman that loses both her right arm and her right leg; looking for ladies who are missing right arm below the armpit, or missing right leg below the knee; medium build. Background / Extra; Female Amputee: 18+, female, any ethnicity. Missing an arm or missing a leg; must be somewhat athletic. Day Player. Must be LA local. (Posted: January 27, 2015)

(Seattle, WA) - Email photographs, resumes & reel (if you have one) ASAP to: Title: WHAT IS REAL BEAUTY, a Short Education Video about what really makes someone beautiful. Shoot Dates: Spring/Summer, 2015 (three days across several weeks in Seattle, WA). Breakdown-- Actors: 18-24, female, any ethnicity. Lead female and six supporting female cast members these roles involve being able to come across as either a very generous, kind person, or stingy and pithy. Lead; Actors: 18-24, males & females, any ethnicity. Four supporting male cast members; friends in a group setting supporting lead in presenting a positive or negative role model. Supporting; Actors: 18-24, males & females, any ethnicity. Four supporting male cast members; friends in a group setting supporting lead in presenting a positive or negative role model. Supporting. (Posted: January 7, 2015)

APRIL 2015
(Tampa, FL) - To apply, submit online at: Title: THE INFILTRATOR, a Feature Film. CAST, Bryan Cranston; DIR, Brad Furman. Shoot Dates: April, 2015 (in Tampa, FL). STORY: A U.S. Customs official uncovers a money laundering scheme involving Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Breakdown-- Extras: 18+, males & females, any ethnicity. Background / Extra. (Posted: February 9, 2015)

(Los Angeles, CA) - Email photographs & resumes & a video submission ASAP to: All video submissions must be either a reel or monologue briefly showcasing yourself. Title: HEART, Short Film. Rehearsal/Shoot Dates: April, 2015 (in New York, NY/Newark, NJ Metro Area). STORY: While dominating in the spotlight, Cameron Heart, a star high school basketball player, struggles as his personal life falls apart after learning about his motherís illness. After the death of his mother, Cameron puts his life and career in jeopardy as he battles inner demons. Breakdown-- Coach James Sanders: 35-55, male, Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race, African Descent. Preferably at least 6'0". Stern looking but passive basketball coach who takes his job seriously. Supporting; Ricky "Train" Alexander: 30-35, male, African-American, African Descent. 6'0" or taller. An intimidating former basketball player who threw away his career and got caught up in drug dealing in the neighborhood. He is the leader of his illegitimate organization. Supporting; Bodyguard 1: 18-40, male, any ethnicity. Intimidating individual who protects Train. Day Player; Bodyguard 2: 18-40, male, any ethnicity. Intimidating individual who protects Train. Day Player. (Posted: February 9, 2015)

(Miami, FL) - To apply, submit online at: Title: ARMS AND THE DUDES, a Feature Film. CAST, Jonah Hill, Miles Teller; EXEC PROD, Bryan Zuriff; PROD, Mark R. Gordon, Todd Phillips, Bradley Cooper, Scott Budnick; DIR, Todd Phillips; SCR, Todd Phillips, Jason Smilovic. Shoot Dates: April-May, 2015 (in Miami, FL). STORY: The film is based on a Rolling Stone article about two stoners who became mega arms dealers. Breakdown-- Extras: 18+, males & females, any ethnicity. Background / Extra. (Posted: February 16, 2015)

MAY 2015
(East Lansing, MI) - Email photographs, resumes & a one minute clip of yourself talking about your interest in acting ASAP to: Thomas Reilly-King, Title: SHIVERS IN THE ATTIC, a Feature Film. PROD/DIR, Thomas Reilly-King. Contract: Pays $400 to leads; $100 to body doubles. Meals provided. Shoot Dates: Begins May, 2015 (ten days shoot in East Lansing, MI). STORY: The film is about four twenty-somethings who get trapped in an attic during a party and come to the realization that they have died and are ghosts. They discover a trap door to an air duct and in a bedroom below they find a creepy "Voodoo guy" and their bodies on a couch. The story is a sort of modern day "Twilight Zone" with many suspenseful elements and dark humor. Breakdown-- Voodoo Vance: 25-35, male, African-American, African Descent. Main villain in the story; has dreadlocks, is pure evil, and wears scary "Voodoo" makeup; has a charming, happier alter ego named "Jammin' Ray" whom he appears as when the characters are alive and in reality; should be able to perform an Island accent. Supporting; Cooper: 21-30, male, Caucasian. Friend of Billy's; resident of the co-op and hosted the party that got them into this mess; a hippie in every sense of the word. Supporting; Sarah: 21-30, female, Caucasian. Girlfriend to Jeff; attractive and adventurous; always trying new things and often getting into trouble. Supporting; Jeff: 21-30, male, Caucasian. Athletic type; boyfriend to Sarah; has a bit of a temper and an apparent fear of creepy Voodoo guys. Supporting. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CASTED; Billy: 21-30, male, Caucasian. Baseball player and friend to Cooper; all-American and a good-looking guy who gets frustrated with Cooper and the fact that he has died and is a ghost; hooks up with another guy's girlfriend. Lead. THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CASTED. (Posted: December 8, 2014)
JUNE 2015
(San Francisco & San Jose, CA) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: CSTG, Barry Germansky, Title: A JOURNEY TO A JOURNEY, a Feature Film. PROD, Tim Sika, Barry Germansky. Contract: Producers plan to apply for a SAG-AFTRA Contract ($100/day). Shoot Dates: June 6-27, 2015 (in San Jose, CA). STORY: The film is about a brilliant student who discovers a shocking secret about his university. Breakdown-- Edward Forsythe: 40-70, male, Caucasian. A good-natured, jolly professor who serves as the main character's mentor. Supporting. (Posted: February 16, 2015)

(New York, NY & Boston, MA) - Email photographs & resumes ASAP to: (Stating "GDQ [name of character/s you are applying for]" in the Subject line). For more information, See: Title: GORDON'S QUEST, a Feature Film. Contract: Producers plan to apply for a SAG-AFTRA New Media agreement. Shoot Dates: June-September 2015 (with a possibility of date changes in New York, NY & Boston, MA). STORY: The film is about a rich celebrity playboy who finds himself on the run from an occult secret entity, which leads him on an epic adventure in another realm. Breakdown-- Riviairra: 22-30, male, Caucasian (Brown Hair, Blue Eyes). A rich, wild, confident celebrity playboy, has been distant from his family since his mother's death, despises his father, hotheaded, stubborn and unruly. Media feeds from him, but he's famous because of scandalous affairs. Lead; Ramz Rozara: 35-40, male, Caucasian. Blonde/Brown Shoulder Length Hair, Green Eyes, Tall. A comedic character with a British accent, very animated, over dramatic, a party crasher, hates Riviairra (the lead character). He's a people person who loves doing magic tricks, an A-list actor who speaks old English like Shakespeare and has great style. Supporting; Ivory (Dollface): 20-25, female, Caucasian, Red hair, Green Eyes, freckles are a plus, tall preferred. A prestigious elite super model that is very smart, yet hides behind a ditzy façade. In love with Riviairra (lead character). Ivory is very jealous person who doesnít adapt well to change. Supporting; Yuri Skyscraper: 18-24, male, Caucasian. Blond Hair, Brown/Green Eyes. Young stepbrother of Riviairra (lead character). Has a similar personality trait as his mother Chezzalene Montogomery. Embarrassed of Riviairra and believes he is more responsible and better than him. The public adores him and often puts him on a pedestal comparing the two brothers. Supporting; Chezzalene Montgomery: 50-70, female, Caucasian, Blonde Hair/White, Green Eyes/Brown Eyes. Stepmother of Riviairra (lead character). A strong independent woman who takes charge. Dangerously seductive, and smart. Extremely manipulative; one of the antagonist of the film. Supporting; Detective Connelly: 50-70, female, African-American. Woman in charge of The IVU Investigative Units. Number one leading detective across the country. Very strong and independent. Supporting; Doctor Kazume: 50-70, male, Japanese. Number one leading doctor in America who is the family doctor of The Skyscraper Empire family. Tends to worry a lot. Doctor Kazume can be very demanding when he needs to be. He is one to never give up. Supporting. (Posted: February 16, 2015)

(Decatur & Huntsville, AL) - Email me at FOR A COPY OF THE SCRIPT. Then, choose a scene from the script and act it out on video. Upload that video to YouTube as an unlisted video and email the link to: with the subject line "Artists Submission". Title: ARTISTS, a Short Film. DIR, Dan Fite. Shoot Dates: Summer, 2015 (in Decatur, AL). STORY: The film is about a homeless man with a surprising talent that comes across a trashed notebook full of wonderful poetry. Breakdown-- Homeless Man: 18+, males & females, any ethnicity. A homeless man with a passion for drawing. Lead; Cole Wright: 18+, male, any ethnicity. A waiter with his head stuck in the clouds of poetry who is discouraged by his boss at work to the point of seemingly abandoning his passion. Lead; Faith Smith: 18+, female, any ethnicity. A renowned author who discovers the lost notebook on the streets, and seeks the artists responsible for the brilliant work in its pages. Lead. (Posted: December 22, 2014)

JULY 2015
(Otsego County & Essex County, NY) - For more information, See: Title: THE FALLEN KINGDOM, a Feature Films. CAST, Rupert Boneham, EJ Snyder. PROD, Lori Bailey, Joel Plue; DIR, Lori Bailey. Contract: $50/day, plus meals provided on set. Shoot Dates: August-October, 2015 (in Otsego County & Essex County, NY). STORY: With the death of the good King Hew, the power of the throne will shift to his eldest and most evil son (Gylmyne). In the years that follow, Gylmyne will squander his father's fortune, torture his servants and banish his own brothers from the Kingdom. He will start several wars while attempting to annihilate all of the mystical creatures of the land. One of King Gylmyne's brothers (Valter) will rise up, return to battle Gylmyne and bring with him the unified force of the Dragons of the forest, the cave dwelling Orcs and the Loch Ness Monster. Once exalted. Breakdown-- Multiple Roles: 18+, males & females, Caucasian. Supporting. (Posted: January 7, 2015)
(Lenexa, KS) - Email photographs & resumes or reel ASAP to: CSTG, Lauren Stasi, For more information, See: Title: PARTY BUS, a Short Film. Contract: Pay negotiable. Shoot Dates: Begins Fall, 2015 (in Lenexa, KS). STORY: When a group of alpha males join up with a bachelorette party, debauchery ensues. Breakdown-- Actors: 18-30, males & females, any ethnicity. Eight female roles & Three male roles. Chorus / Ensemble. (Posted: February 9, 2015)
(Houston, TX) - To submit, See: Only accepting video auditions through hosts like YouTube and Vimeo. You are free to audition for more than one role via the "Auditioning Scripts" on the auditions website. Submit a link to your audition video with your headshot, first name, last name, height, weight and age by October 31, 2015 to: Allow at least one week for a reply due to the high volume of submissions. Title: ADAM & EVE, a Feature Film. PROD, Jeremy Akatsa. Contract: Pay varies based on role. Shoot Dates: Tentatively February-March, 2016 (15-22 days shoots with post-production planned for July 2016 [one-three days] in Houston, TX). STORY: The film is about God gives Adam and Eve time machines that can grant eternal life. Breakdown-- Adam: 18-30, male, Caucasian. In love with writing. Lead. Pays: $11,800 with travel, meals, and lodging; Eve: 18-25, female, Caucasian. In love with painting. Lead. Pays: $12,400 with travel, meals, and lodging; Sarah: 35-50, female, Caucasian. In love with her husband. Supporting. Pays: $8,400 with travel, meals, and lodging; Sam: 40-60, male, Caucasian. In love with his son. Supporting. Pays: $8,400 with travel, meals, and lodging; Lilly: 12-17, female, Caucasian. In love with science. Supporting. Pays: $6,400 with travel, meals, and lodging for her plus one guardian; Rose: 5-10, female, Caucasian. In love with art. Supporting. Pays: $6,400 with travel, meals, and lodging for her plus one guardian; Richard; 40-60, male, Caucasian. In love with his job. Supporting. Pays: $2,400 with travel, meals, and lodging; Main Reporter: 40-50, female, Caucasian. In love with stories. Supporting. Pays: $800. (Posted: December 22, 2014)
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